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Dynamic Security Services

How to Protect Your Vital Resources and Assets

If assessments are how you identify and document risk, protection services are you identify and test for previously unknown gaps and vulnerabilities so you can fix them, and improve your cybersecurity readiness.
Many sophisticated organizations already perform many of these tasks already. However, there is significant value in brining in outside assistance to evaluate their performance, probe environments from different and unfamiliar angles, or to independently test and validate your current teams' performance.

How can we help you improve your cybersecurity?

Thorough planning

Attackers are everywhere attempting to use ransomware, malware, data breaches, social engineering, and other methods to gain unauthorized access to your environment. You need a thorough and detailed plan to stop them in their tracks.

End-to-end testing

What good is a plan if it's just on paper? An untested plan is just a hope and dream. thorough testing of your defenses is the only way to ensure they'll work properly when you need them most.

Ongoing execution

Operating a sophisticated cybersecurity defense strategy requires constant vigilance, intelligence, and a security operations center that meets new challenges with agility.
Service Offerings

Protect Your Organization from Attacks

Cyber Threat Hunting

Actively search for undetected attackers that are present in a network or environment.

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Penetration Testing

Simulated attacks against your applications, network, and infrastructure that find previously unknown vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

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Phishing and Social Engineering

Design and execute mock phishing attacks to gauge how employees respond and where to focus additional training.

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Red Teaming and Blue Teaming

Create and execute an offensive attack on a network, system, or IT environment in order to identify real-world defensive gaps.

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Vulnerability Management

Scan IT environments for known software and hardware vulnerabilities.

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