Giving Back at MindPoint Group

We believe that the spirit of giving back is of great value to our employees, our community, and our company. That is why MindPoint Group is proud to support organizations working to strengthen our communities and consistently strive for the betterment of others. Through the combined efforts of our enthusiastic volunteers and corporate contributions, we honor the value these organizations provide.One of the ways that MindPoint Group has given back to our community is through sponsorships and community outreach events. Our employee volunteers lead all events with full sponsorship from the company.
MPG Employees passing out water during a charity run

Our contributions

While all of these organizations need funds to continue their good works, MindPoint Group’s involvement is not entirely monetary. Some of our volunteer activities include: delivering food, bed sheets, blankets, towels, and activity bags for terminally ill children; participating in charity walks/runs; and supporting student and teacher resources in local schools. To date, MindPoint Group has contributed thousands of dollars and substantial volunteer hours to community outreach. Still, we believe that the greater contribution for the company and the employees who participate in the growing camaraderie, and time spent doing something for the greater good together.

We are always looking to expand the reach of our volunteer program. Please contact us if you would like for MindPoint Group to consider supporting your non-profit charitable organization.
MindPoint Group Volunteers after a charity walk

Organizations supported by MindPoint Group

MindPoint Group is proud to support non-profit organizations that are important to our employees. We have has supported outreach events and provided monetary sponsorships for non-profit organizations including: