The MPG Cybersecurity Resource Library

Shared Services Customer

MPG helped a US Government customer build an entire shared services offering for other US Government agencies.

FedRAMP GRC Advisory Procedures

With years of experience as a FedRAMP 3PAO, MindPoint Group’s FedRAMP experts provide several advisory services to help prepare you for a formal FedRAMP assessment.

MindPoint Group Capabilities

MindPoint Group helps identify and defend against threats, close security gaps, and manage risk—transforming your cybersecurity posture in the process.

COVID App Development

How MPG helped a customer quickly develop and deploy a COVID contact tracing application.

Ansible Counselor Presentation

Detailed walkthrough of MPG's Ansible Counselor offering.

Accelerate Automation Adoption with Ansible Counselor

Describes MPG's Ansible Counselor offering in detail.

3 Reasons why Ansible for Security Baselines

Our top three reasons for why Ansible is great for security baselining.

Security Baselines Made Easy

Automating system security requirements can be difficult and time-consuming, but Lockdown Enterprise makes it easier.

Solution Template for Cloud Migration

Any organization embarking on a cloud deployment needs to understand the importance of the foundational issues, account setup and resource tagging.

Social Engineering: Part Three - Phishing

With the prevalence of phishing today, Federal compliance frameworks such as FedRAMP are now requiring phishing testing.

Social Engineering: Part Two - OSINT

Open‐Source Intelligence (OSINT) is an increasingly popular tactic that hackers are using to target organizations and their employees.

Social Engineering: Part One - A Proactive Security

Social engineering has become a household name in the cybersecurity industry, but what exactly does it mean?

FedRAMP Compliance: Part Two - FedRAMP Accelerated

This document details the new FedRAMP Accelerated Process and the FedRAMP Security Assessment Process

FedRAMP Tailored: Accelerating the FedRAMP Process for Low Impact SaaS Solutions

FedRAMP Tailored provides a minimum set of security control requirements specifically for very low‐impact SaaS cloud products.

FedRAMP Compliance: Part One - The Path to Success

FedRAMP compliance is necessary if a Cloud Service Provider expects to operate in the Federal market. This document details the different paths to FedRAMP compliance and the FedRAMP Security Assessment Process.

The Impact of Cyber Attacks on the Private Sector

US National Security Agency (NSA) Director General Keith Alexander referred to cyber espionage as “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

Achieving FedRAMP Authorization Through FedRAMP Security Assessment Process for Cloud Service Providers

Being FedRAMP compliant is the best way to market your cloud service offering to Federal agencies.