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Reduce automation risk, get fast answers to questions, build better, more stable, and supported automations with the support and guidance of Automation Experts. Tap into the resources and expertise of MPG Automation Counselors. Our automation experts have helped hundreds of organization to adopt and utilize automation from automating security baselines to setting up bespoke patching routines. Reducing costs and driving efficiencies and greater collaboration across development, security and operations teams.

We aim to make you the hero by advising and supporting you in your projects with your organization.
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About your counselors

We bring a wealth of knowledge from across multiple industries. Our experience in automation platforms includes significant work with the companies and technologies you rely on. Our team has experience in most of today's automation platforms, including Ansible, Jenkins, Refactr, Terraform, Packer, Vagrant, GitHub Workflows, GitLab CI/CD, Zapier, and more. Automation counselors have a proven track record as the core developers of Ansible Lockdown and support team behind Lockdown Enterprise.
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What's included with Automation Counselor?

  • On-demand access to Automation experts

    Our support and engineering teams are ready to consult and advise on all your automation questions and needs. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, including on pre-planned monthly and quarterly team planning and business strategy meetings. Tap into the team's knowledge as you need it, to help keep your automation project moving forward.
  • Guidance and support for custom automations for your environment

    We’ve probably seen that problem before, so we’re here to share our knowledge and experience. We will help with writing custom Playbooks to solve your point automation needs, and we’ll support anything we provide for the duration of your subscription. We’ll even provide feedback on your Playbooks and Roles.
  • Automation Support and Strategy

    Great automation starts with a great strategy, that is influenced by experience of what works best and what to avoid. With MPG's Automation Counselors, you will will have the knowledge, understanding and the expertise to create custom automations, in the platforms you utilize today, that will help accelerate your company's automation adoption.

With the help of Automation Counselors support, and Ansible Lockdown, we routinely have the highest STIG scores of all our agency components, and it's all automated.

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Access our experts when you need them.
Direct Contact to Automation Experts
Access our experts when you need them.
10 requests/month is roughly equivalent to 40 hours of effort on our part, and we have yet to cut anyone off.
Named Users
People who can submit support requests.
Lockdown Remediate Content Support
Automated STIG and CIS baseline content for Windows and Linux systems and applications.
US-Based Support Available
We have global and US-based support options.
Monthly Planning Meetings
These are cadence meetings to help keep track of milestones and tasks.
Quarterly Strategy Meetings
Meetings that discuss overall strategy and automation approach. Commonly attended by leaders.
i.e. the term.
12 Months

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