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Dynamic Cybersecurity Solutions for Evolving Threats

MindPoint Group helps identify and defend against threats, close security gaps, manage risk—transforming your cybersecurity posture in the process.

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About MindPoint Group

MindPoint Group is a trusted security consulting firm with an extensive list of customers, and a history of outstanding service delivery. We stay true to our founding partners’ original mission: becoming the trusted cybersecurity partner and advisor to each of our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations.

Our Team

Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, we are over 100 expert-level cybersecurity professionals. From the beginning, we have placed a premium on our employees. Our consistent ability to retain and enable our team to excel personally and professionally is key to our capability. We have a TS facility clearance and 90% of our customer-facing employees are cleared.
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Service Areas

We are a full-service cybersecurity organization. Our expertise includes:
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (including FedRAMP 3PAO)
  • Security Operations, SOC-as-a-Service
  • FedRAMP, vulnerability, security, defensive posture, and third-party assessments
  • Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing
  • System, cloud, and security architecture design, automation,and implementation
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Contract Vehicles

USAID ISSO Support Services BPA
GSA CoE Discovery BPA
GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)

Capabilities that Deliver Results

  • Developed and operated customer’s multi-tenant collaboration environment and custom application development. Result: Savings of $4.5M over 5 years.
  • Migrated entire customer classified IT environments to newly designed and implemented managed virtualized infrastructure. Result: Decreased deployment times and increased resiliency.
  • Deployed critical technologies to enable us to provide security monitoring and incident response for the environment and all hosted applications. Result: Delivered a fully cloud-based cyber operations capability.
  • Led the comprehensive overhaul of capabilities, including migrating log aggregation capabilities and customer SIEM to enterprise Splunk, replacing the customer case management system, and implementing advanced enterprise endpoint tools. Result: Reduced time-to-detection, increased detection capability.
  • Designed, implemented, and manage customer’s Security Operations as a Service. Result: Delivery of the first available US Government SOCaaS offerings.
  • Performed code reviews and application penetration testing support for over 150 applications that undergo configuration change testing requests 200 times per year. Result: Consistently validated secure applications.

Core Values

We focus on one and only one thing: IT security, and we’ve built this entire company around core values that enable us to deliver the best services available:
  • Trust and mutual respect - A diverse workforce is crucial for any business, we respect these differences and always address one another in a respectful manner.
  • Honesty - We expect our employees to be honest and transparent with our customers and one another.
  • Accountability - Everyone at MindPoint Group is accountable for his or her actions, including to our teams, customers, partners, and actions.
  • Focus and direction - Our only focus is cybersecurity.
  • Innovation - We think outside of the box, and develop new ways to solve today’s cybersecurity challenges.
About MPG

Selected Notable Achievements

2021 – Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner for TPRM Services
2021 - Washington Business Journal Fastest Growing Company
2020 – Washington Business Journal Top-Performing Technology Company in the Greater D.C. Area List
2020 – Washington Business Journal Top-Performing Small Technology Companies in Greater D.C.
2019 – Washington Business Journal Best Places to Work

By the Numbers

Selected Federal Customers

Our customers represent some of the most secure organizations in the world. We can help, you, too.

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All MPG Services

We are an end-to-end provider of world-class cybersecurity solutions.
Automate the ATO documentation process to save time and reduce risk.
More closely involve security teams in the development, deployment, and management of IT systems and applications.
Identify, document, and prove best-practices protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data and Federal Contract Information (FCI).
Select the best policy framework, and customize its requirements to fit your organization and risk profile.
Actively search for undetected attackers that are present in a network or environment.
FedRAMP certification is required to sell cloud services to the US Federal and many state and local governments.
The collective strategy and process for defining and managing an organization's governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance.
The plan that a teams follows in response to a cyber attack or loss event.
A collection of tools, processes, and people that come together as a clearing house to detect anomalies and attack patterns that require a response.
Simulated attacks against your applications, network, and infrastructure that find previously unknown vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.
Design and execute mock phishing attacks to gauge how employees respond and where to focus additional training.
Create and execute an offensive attack on a network, system, or IT environment in order to identify real-world defensive gaps.
Identify the information systems and resources that could be affected by a cybersecurity attack so they can be effectively protected.
Evaluate your existing Security Operations Center (SOC) architecture and practices against best-in-class examples.
The tools, systems, and processes that you have in place to carry out effective cybersecurity capabilities.
Identify events and potential risks in real-time, and automatically execute a prescribed set of tasks.
The steps that your company makes to minimize the risk that occurs from use of external vendors.
Scan IT environments for known software and hardware vulnerabilities.
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