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MindPoint Group helps you identify and defend against threats, close security gaps, and manage your risk with innovative services and products.
Dynamic security solutions

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Cybersecurity Solutions


Your strong cybersecurity posture begins with the correct framework, a thorough understanding of where technical and operational gaps exist, and how to fix them. We help you identify and manage risk.


Effective cybersecurity requires a clear understanding and testing of various defenses and proactively searching for vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before they're exploited.


If threat actors have already gained access to your environment, quick response is critical. Our award-winning capabilities ensure your response is effective and measured.


DevSecOps changes the way you look at security, so your teams need to change in order to succeed. With our agile methodology, and deep expertise in operations, security, and development, we'll help you bring security into your digital transformation efforts.


A strong cybersecurity posture requires automation throughout your infrastructure, security, and operations teams.

Solutions and services for your business, organization, or government agency.

Why MindPoint Group?

We are cybersecurity experts

Security Experts

Security experts

MindPoint Group's no-cost access to industry-leading training and certifications, and a sophisticated cyber lab to keep their skills sharp.
Problem Solvers

Problem solvers

We only hire the best of the best, brightest, and most capable resources, then we provide impactful work, and opportunity for growth.


In one of us, there is all of us. Our work together to gain stronger insights and gain fresh perspectives.


From Federal to State and Local, we're ready to implement tailored solutions to meet your compliance requirements, and improve your cybersecrutiy posture.


Your cybersecurity posture is your business. Regardless of your regulatory requirements, MPG is here to protect and defend your data and capabilities.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to quality of service and great work we do for customers on a daily basis.

Small Business

We are a US Small Business Administration-certified Woman-Owned Small Business and Minority-Owned Small Business.


MindPoint Group is an approved FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization.

Trust and mutual respect

Our diversity and the resulting respect we show for differences in perspective and experience foster innovation and transformation.


We are honest and transparent with our people and customers.


Everyone at MindPoint Group is accountable for their actions to their teams, customers, and actions.
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Focus and direction

We've been focused on cybersecurity from the beginning. It's this focus and determination that we bring to every enagagement.


We think outside the box and come up with new ways to solve today's cybersecurity challenges with an eye on tomorrow's needs.
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