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Security Architecture and Design Services

What is Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering?

Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering refers to the tools, systems, and processes that you have in place to carry out effective cybersecurity capabilities.
The technology that you have in place can either greatly help your specific cybersecurity function or make your employees' lives more challenging. Because the technology landscape changes so often and each organization has unique needs, you need recommendations that fit your structure.

Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering benefits

Build a platform that can handle any event

Build for today with a design for tomorrow

Designing a high-functioning security architecture means selecting the best tools for the job by thinking about the current challenge as well as what the security landscape is likely to look like 5+ years down the road.



Meet compliance requirements and avoid penalties by taking an automation-first approach to your architecture. Respond to events with automation. Reduce risk by knowing your process will be followed to the letter through each and every event.


Expert implementation

Our team of experts has done this many times before. Trust that every learning from our forerunning history of early AWS and Azure cloud adoption in the US Government has prepared us well to select your next technology, or implement what you've chosen to ensure best-in-class cybersecurity capabilities.

Why MindPoint Group?

Security architecture experts

  • Our engagements start by developing our understanding your challenges and constraints. From there, we work with your teams to design, select, implement cybersecurity infrastructure that meets 100% of your compliance requirements.
  • MPG solutions are implemented with continuous compliance in mind. Compliance is built into the management.
  • Best-in-breed cybersecurity automation started at MPG. Our offerings include specific product lines such as Lockdown Enterprise designed to easily expand security to every team in your IT organization.
Security design experts


Full-stack deployments automated


STIG and CIS baselines automated


Audits passed by MPG architecture
What you get

Security Architecture & Engineering Features

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Modern tooling

The right tools are critical to daily operations and cybersecurity program success, especially when you’re migrating to the cloud, onboarding new applications, or reconfiguring your network. We guide you through the tooling selection process and can help you configure and implement the right technologies based on your needs.

Automation and DevSecOps

We don’t design something, hand it off to your teams without any input, and leave. Instead, MPG works side by side with your DevOps and security teams to architect a solution that enables developers to do everything they need, all with code.
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Planning for the future

Threat actors are constantly evolving, so we consider your immediate requirements and help identify ways your architecture will evolve to meet new challenges for years to come.

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