STIG and CIS Baseline Automation and Modernization Services

Security baseline automation with either STIG or CIS requirements, allow you to ensure regulatory and certification requirements are meet. By adding automation to your Baseline processes you are able to empower your IT operations teams to more easily maintain and update system configurations, decreasing the likelihood of a policy violation or a breach.

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Baseline Modernization Services

Why Baseline Modernization should be important to your organization

Security baselines such as STIG or CIS are a critical component of an IT organization’s overall security posture. Security baselines are also included as regulatory and certification requirements to ensure deployed systems meet a minimum level of security configuration.
Baselines can be complex, and often break applications when blindly applied. Furthermore, deploying required baseline configurations requires significant knowledge of target systems and applications.
Often this work is done manually, or as part of a build-time deployment, causing longer-term maintenance issues as cybersecurity teams complete environment scans and require IT operations teams to configure systems to meet the STIG or CIS compliance requirement.
As organizations digitally transform, they need a way to more closely involve security teams in the development, deployment, and management of IT systems and applications. Failure to implement DevSecOps practices into the CI/CD pipeline increases the likelihood of policy violation, and breach.  

Baseline Modernization Benefits

Eliminate STIG and CIS management headaches

Continuous compliance

Manual ATO processes make it difficult to adopt new and innovative platforms, slowing digital transformation and other important IT initiatives. ATO-A greatly reduces the time required to achieve an ATO from 8+ months to days or weeks.


Reduce mistakes

Eliminate human error by implementing baseline automation that plugs into the deployment and management tools you already use.


Save time

Regulatory compliance mandates and the audits they require can be massively distracting. Save your team thousands of hours with automation content ready for integration into your processes and tools.

Why MindPoint Group?

Security and automation experts.

  • We used our experience in DevSecOps to create Lockdown Enterprise, the best way to automate STIG and CIS compliance requirements. We use this expertise inDevSecOps to help integrate security into larger digital transformation projects as well.
  • MPG has dozens of customers that rely on our ability to streamline their STIG and CIS processes to meet audit FedRAMP, FISMA, or NIST800-53 requirements (just to name a few).
  • Our experience with many Risk Management Frameworks and compliance requirements across industries allows us to see where there are gaps in your existing security posture and see how automation fills those gaps.
Security and automation experts
What you get

Baseline Modernization features

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Automated resource creation

Baseline modernization creates systems, containers, and cloud platforms that are made available to other systems for deployment and use. MPG’s CI/CD resource creation process ensures that if a resource is deployed, it’s had the appropriate baseline configured, and is compliant to your standards.
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Automation first

Baseline modernization at scale requires automation.Automation tooling and practices then must be adaptable to work with existing and new systems and applications, deployment methods, and target environments.MPG relies heavily on automation to ensure your repeated success. MPG can prescribe a set of CI/CD and automation tools to use, or we can work with your existing selections, supplementing with suggestions as needed to meet your requirements.
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People and processes

We don’t just stand up a bunch of tools and walk away. MPG consultants will work alongside your stakeholders and teams to identify requirements, challenges, and ultimately produce automated solutions that rely on STIG/CIS automation, and answer each team’s challenges.

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