Automate Your Security

Defending your systems and platforms starts by removing weaknesses, gaps and exploits. Automation allows you to ensure your requirements are met each and every time, reducing risks and eliminating human error.

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Automate your cybersecurity

Modern cybersecurity requires automation to reduce risk.

Your attackers make heavy use of automation to constantly probe your systems for weaknesses, gaps, and exploits. The only way for your defenses to keep up with these attacks is through automation.
Automating IT and Security tasks is not a new idea. The challenge has been a combination of tool selection and organizational structure and buy-in to ensure that the tasks that should be automated are in fact automated, and then well-maintained over time. Then, teams need to look heavily at the automation infrastructure—how automation is written, validated, tested, and deployed.
Automation reduces human error, and human error is one of the largest causes of breaches. Policy that wasn't followed. A control that wasn't implemented. A patch that wasn't deployed. While attackers need only get lucky once, your security team likely feels they need to be lucky thousands of times per day. Automation reduces that risk.

How can we help you improve your cybersecurity?

Thorough planning

Attackers are everywhere attempting to use ransomware, malware, data breaches, social engineering, and other methods to gain unauthorized access to your environment. You need a thorough and detailed plan to stop them in their tracks.

End-to-end testing

What good is a plan if it's just on paper? An untested plan is just a hope and dream. thorough testing of your defenses is the only way to ensure they'll work properly when you need them most.

Ongoing execution

Operating a sophisticated cybersecurity defense strategy requires constant vigilance, intelligence, and a security operations center that meets new challenges with agility.
Service Offerings

Level your playing field with end-to-end security automation.

ATO Automation

Automate the ATO documentation process to save time and reduce risk.

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Baseline Modernization

More closely involve security teams in the development, deployment, and management of IT systems and applications.

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Security Automation

Identify events and potential risks in real-time, and automatically execute a prescribed set of tasks.

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