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MPG expertise in SOC, Incident Response, GRC, and Automation unite to provide guidance and implementation capabilities ensuring that you get the most out of our SOAR implementation.

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Security automation consulting

Security Automation for all areas of your IT infostructure

Security automation helps you identify events and potential risks in real-time, and automatically executing a prescribed set of tasks in order to gather information, then a security analyst will score and respond to a threats based on the scoring.
Typically, the practice of security automation uses a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform to tie together disparate systems, tools, teams, and processes into a cohesive automated response that improves security postures and improves defenses.
Merely purchasing a SOAR, however, does not magically improve anything. Organizations still need to plan for and implement the tooling to get the most from these platforms. There are right places to start, and ratholes that will waste time and weaken your response by being overly confident in a tool that is not well implemented.

Security Automation benefits

Automate the right things, reap the rewards of SOAR

Increased SOC effectiveness

Automating the dispensation and response to common SOC events ensures that real alerts get important eyes from SOC analysts and ISSOs faster. Fewer alerts also means lower likelihood of your teams developing alert fatigue.


Meet or exceed attacker sophistication

Your attackers rely on automation to rapidly scan for potential gaps they can exploit. Your own defenses and automation can close those doors the second suspicious activity is detected, leaving your attackers without the access they want.


Improved cybersecurity posture

By taking likely action in real-time, would-be attackers find themselves outpaced and with limited attack options.

Why MindPoint Group?

Security automation experts.

  • Our SOC and security teams have investigated and responded to hundreds of thousands of security events across our customer environments. We rely on that expertise and experience to identify the best processes for automation.
  • We have broad experience with popular SIEM and SOAR platforms, and deep capabilities with Ansible to do the hard work behind the scenes to safely and securely automation key security activities and responses.
  • Not all process or automation are created equal. Our best-practices based approach ensures that your processes meet all applicable regulatory requirements, and that your automation is fast, functional, and maintainable.
  • We’re already automating thousands of STIG and CIS controls with Ansible for our Lockdown Enterprise suite of offerings.
MPG and Ansible security
What you get

Security Automation features

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Rapid event response

Automated responses are often completed within 60 seconds, with all needed data logged and ready for inspection by an analyst.
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Unified response

Security automation and SOAR unites your disparate security architecture to ensure gaps are closed, and that you’re able to mount effective responses to attacks and incidents.
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Flexible tooling

As an independent services business, MPG can either make a recommendation, or work with you and your current tool to deliver the best possible outcome.

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