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Incident Response Solutions

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Cybersecurity IR and Damage Control

Rapid Response

You need a partner that knows how to come in and quickly identify the cause of the breach and create a plan for incident containment and threat mitigation, no matter your size.


After a breach occurs, we’ll help you regain control of your environment as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Damage Control

A security breach is a huge liability for your organization in many ways. In addition to helping with your technical requirements, we can work closely with other teams, such as Legal, to ensure that you have the right plan in place for communicating to those impacted by the breach.

Cyber Hunting

Leave no stone unturned in ensuring that there are no remaining attackers with access to your systems and data. We use data analysis to scour your environment for signs of possible intrusion.

In-Depth Analysis

We’ll use our knowledge of threat actor tactics and techniques in conjunction with expert forensic analysis to determine how your attackers penetrated your systems so we can help you implement better defensive measures and prevent the next breach.

Incident Response Experience by the Numbers


Incidents analyzed in 2022


Users managed in 2022 through our SOC solutions


Endpoints monitored by Managed SOC Solutions

Find Vulnerabilities Fast

Even the most clever and sophisticated hacks leave some kind of forensic trail that points to how they gained access and escalated privileges. Common practice is for attackers to create back doors and install other software to either hide their activity, or make it harder to prevent them from gaining future access. Discovering these methods requires skill, knowledge, and expertise of advanced attack methods and attack obfuscation.

Vulnerability Management is Important

In the event of a breach, it’s common to look at an organization’s vulnerability management process to uncover weak points. Sadly, many breaches are the result of broken or poorly implemented vulnerability management practices. Sound vulnerability management practices will reduce your attack surface and make it harder for an attacker to gain access.
Find and manage vulnerabilities
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Why MindPoint Group?


IR requires wide skillsets and diverse knowledge. Our cybersecurity experts have deep experience across all aspects of IT.


If there's an attacker in your environment, we'll find them. We have a strong track record identifying attackers and removing all traces of their activity.


We dig deeper and ask the right questions when we identify suspicious activity.

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