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Creating an Incident Response plan after a breach or cyber attack has happened is too late. Planning ahead for your response to a cyber attack is key to quicker identification, mitigation, and recovery, so you can get back to business.

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Your company has been the target of a Cyber Attack. Now, what is your Incident Response Plan?

Cyber attacks and breaches are an unfortunate reality in the modern economy. Your organization has information, customer data, trade secrets, and more that can be the target of Hackers. Planning a head for these events is key to limit their impact to your organization. Incident Response(IR) is the plan that your team follows in response to a cyber attack or loss event. An Incident Response approach includes identifying and securing the source of the breach, understanding the impact of the loss event and any collateral damage, and managing recovery efforts.
The failure to have a well-defined Incident Response plan increases risk, delays action to be taken, and makes it more difficult to recover.
A well-defined Incident Response Plan should specify which internal resources are responsible for managing the overall response, as well as those responsible for each step in the plan to get back to business as usual.
Incident Response is a key component of a larger cybersecurity operations strategy and can be a component of your SOCaaS capabilities as well.

Incident Response Planning benefits

Cybersecurity solutions for Incident Response

Quickly resolve incidents

You need a well-documented, easy-to-execute Incident Response plan in place so you can limit collateral damage and direct impacts of a cyber loss event.


Lower overall risk

Knowing what to do during an incident is critical to limiting the impact. Also important: rapidly learning from the gaps that caused the breach, and quickly implementing fixes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


Meet compliance requirements

A minimal investment in incident response planning makes all the difference.

Why MindPoint Group?

Get your Incident Response strategy in line

  • Incident Response requires wide skillsets and diverse knowledge. Our cybersecurity experts have deep experience across all aspects of IT. Our experience allows us to communicate the right information to the right people in an effective and coordinated manner.
  • If there is an attacker in your environment, we'll find them. MPG has a strong track record of identifying attackers and removing all traces of their activity.
  • We dig deeper and ask the right questions when we identify suspicious activity.
Incident Response Strategy

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What you get with our Incident Response

Incident Response Planning features

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Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Every major cybersecurity framework has an incident response component. With our services, you can not only show the plan, but demonstrate that you know how to execute it in the event of a breach.
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Reporting and communication

During an incident, understanding communication timelines and requirements is critical. Our IR planning includes detailed processes for how, when, and to whom incidents are reported.
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Incident analysis and correlation

An effective incident response program rapidly identifies, and correlates related events, improving the overall response, and enhancing threat event knowledge to improve defensive measures.

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