Recover From a Breach, or Stop Them in the First Place

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Recover from a breach

Effective cybersecurity response is a superpower.

Cybersecurity event response is the combination of people, processes, and tools you use to watch and monitor your most valuable assets in order to protect and defend them.
Responding to a cybersecurity event does not necessarily mean that you've already been breached. However, effective event review, when coupled with proactive responses are a crucial part of how your cybersecurity response practices can quickly identify attackers, limit loss events, and generally ensure that everything in your environment is as it should be: safe and sound.
MPG has worked in security operations since our founding. In addition to developing high-performing SOCs, we also manage and investigate thousands of actual security events every year. Our technical prowess, tactic familiarity, and experience make us a great partner for all of your Security Response needs.

How can we help you improve your cybersecurity?

Thorough planning

Attackers are everywhere attempting to use ransomware, malware, data breaches, social engineering, and other methods to gain unauthorized access to your environment. You need a thorough and detailed plan to stop them in their tracks.

End-to-end testing

What good is a plan if it's just on paper? An untested plan is just a hope and dream. thorough testing of your defenses is the only way to ensure they'll work properly when you need them most.

Ongoing execution

Operating a sophisticated cybersecurity defense strategy requires constant vigilance, intelligence, and a security operations center that meets new challenges with agility.
Service Offerings

Timely response makes all the difference.

Incident Response Planning

The plan that a teams follows in response to a cyber attack or loss event.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Secure your endpoints with our MPGSOC MDR services. 24/7 detection and response for all your endpoints.

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Managed SIEM

Understand more from your logs with our MPGSOC's Managed SIEM services. See more when our team of experts is monitoring 24/7.

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By choosing MindPoint Group's 24/7 managed security operations center, your organization accesses round the clock expertise, tools, and security experience that fits your organization’s unique regulatory needs..

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