Cybersecurity Solutions for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

MindPoint Group provides services help to integrate, secure, enforce, and protect cloud applications and data from various threats and risks. As a FedRAMP 3PAO, MindPoint Group is uniquely qualified to help secure CSPs, no mater the industries they provide services to.

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Cybersecurity for CSPs

Unique Security Challenges With Proven Solutions for CSPs

CSPs and Government security

SaaS Risk Management

Delivering your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) capabilities potentially exposes your customers to numerous risks. MPG will help you identify and mitigate issues that put your customer’s data, and thus your reputation at risk.

Meet customer security requirements

Your customers have security and compliance requirements they need to meet. MPG will help you meet yours so you can meet theirs.

Active Defense and Cyber Hunting

High-profile MSPs are a prime target for attackers thanks to the concentration of valuable customer data. MPG will help make sure your applications are secure to keep intruders out and ensure they haven’t gained access already.

Customer risk

Customers rely on your services to run their businesses and organizations. They’re also counting on you to keep your service up and available, and their data totally safe.

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Cloud Security is Multilayered

Monitoring alone isn’t effective at protecting your estate. Because your service is only as secure as your weakest link, a series of assessments and penetration tests are needed to verify that you’re employing best practices every step of the way to prevent a breach. Post assessment, we guide you to the best possible defense, and ensure your service’s ongoing availability and security.

It’s also likely that your service involves additional third-party capabilities. We routinely help customers identify important areas of third party and concentrated fourth-party risk.

Scale Your Security Architecture

Security anywhere is all about balance. You need to be concerned about your own security as well as communicate what your customers need to do. Effectively defining and communicating these boundaries is critically important. As you scale your service, your security architecture and processes need to keep up.

We’ve been working with SaaS providers and cloud services such as AWS for over a decade, and we’re ready for anything you can throw at us.
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Why MindPoint Group?


We've helped NASA and others migrate from on-prem to full cloud-based infrastructure and services.


Our customers routinely scale into tens of thousands of endpoints, servers, and users. Our processes don’t break a sweat.


The most security-minded organizations in the world rely on MindPoint Group to keep their environments secure.

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