Security Operations Center (SOC) Optimization Services

SOC Optimization Services can help improve your SOC's effectiveness and efficiency. By working with MPG's and our SOC Optimization Services your organization can improve your SOC's effectiveness and efficiency and reduce the risk of a data breach or other security incident.

A few benefits you will gain through optimizing your SOC include Improved security posture, increased compliance, reduced risk of data breaches, reduced costs, and improved efficiency.

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SOC Optimization

Why invest in SOC Optimization?

SOC Optimization evaluates your existing Security Operations Center architecture and practices against best-in-class examples. The goal of a SOC optimization is to increase incident detection and management efficiency and productivity. SOC Optimization can be useful for varying SOC implementations including in-house SOC, virtual SOC (vSOC), or a hybrid model. In any case, ensuring your SOC is meeting or exceeding compliance, industry standards, and ideal security measures is a core reason to undertake a SOC optimization effort.
The first step to SOC Optimization is analyzing and assessing the systems, tools, processes, and teams already in place. We evaluate how these work together to carry out functions like detection and Incident Response.
As is the case with many IT challenges, automation can provide a compelling solution. Every SOC optimization engagement works to identify areas where automation can be used to improve incident response capabilities, improved detection, and decrease the time to mitigate threats.

SOC Optimization benefits

Build a platform that can handle any event

Better protection

Designing a high-functioning security architecture means selecting the best tools for the job by thinking about the current challenge as well as what the security landscape is likely to look like 5+ years down the road.


Improved threat response

When your tools, processes, and teams are working effectively, the best defensive measures possible will reduce the time required to detect and resolve threats.


Clear and timely communication

Effective communication is a core component of a high-functioning SOC. Ensure that key stakeholders are aware of important risks, and root out inefficiencies that delay effective response, or worse, create gaps for poor business decisions because of a lack of pertinent information.

Why MindPoint Group?

Security operations experts

  • We are a pioneer in cloud based and SOCaaS Solutions. Our work in the Federal space has helped pave the way for SOCaaS and has helped create and influence Federal SOC policy.  
  • Our expertise with security automation and baseline modernization through products like Ansible Counselor and Lockdown Enterprise is the key to improving your SOC.  
  • MPG teams have extensive experience with a variety of SOC tooling. Coupled with our expert-level understanding of cybersecurity frameworks means we’ll ensure your SOC meets or exceeds any applicable standards.
SOC Consulting Experts
What you get

SOC Optimization features

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Tooling selection

The right tools are critical to the daily operations and success of your SOC. We guide you through the tooling selection process and can help you configure and implement the right technologies based on your SOC model.
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Teams and staffing

Whether you use the SOCaaS model or a self-managed SOC, our security experts will ensure that your SOC is properly staffed to optimize effectiveness. We also ensure that your staff is properly trained in processes, tools, and technologies to get the job done.
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Threat actors are constantly evolving, so we consider your immediate requirements and help identify ways your SOC must evolve to meet new challenges for years to come.

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