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When you trust no one, and assume your system is compromised, at some level, how can you ensure your most sensitive information is kept secure? The Zero Trust cybersecurity model is the future of secure systems. By not assuming implicit trust to all subjects or devices, you can keep bad players out of your most sensitive areas.

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Zero Trust is a concept that requires all internal and external users of the organization’s enterprise network to be securely authenticated and entitled to each resource before being granted access and, here is the important part, is continuously validated at each request to access. Zero Trust assumes your network is compromised and that there is no implicit trust granted based only on physical or logical network location, such as with legacy security models that grant trust based on accessing resources internally versus accessing from external sources.

Next-generation cyber security requires a simpler and more secure architecture without interrupting business and security operations. Zero Trust evolves the enterprise from traditional network-based perimeter security where one login gets you access to everything to a focus on secure access to resources where access is controlled by policies and subject, object, and environmental attributes, on a policy-defined need-to-use basis. Zero Trust assumes there is no implicit trust granted to subjects or devices, no matter their physical or network location, and providing the least privilege per-request access necessary to achieve the job to be done.

What is Zero Trust Architecture? 

Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is an enterprise’s cybersecurity plan that utilizes Zero Trust concepts and principles to prevent data breaches and limit lateral movements within secure systems. Migrating an enterprise network and its core business applications and workflows that is ZT enabled is a journey of epic proportions. There is no one single architecture to implement, but rather a set of Zero Trust guiding principles to improve the security posture of any enterprise network.

Zero Trust Services

Our service offerings are centered on your needs, application, your current cybersecurity posture, and provide you a roadmap to achieving a Zero Trust Architecture

Readiness Questionnaire

Our questionnaire will help guide you through preparing for your readiness assessment.


Readiness Assessment

Our team will analyze the Readiness Questionnaire and perform a full assessment based on the breadth and scope of your ZTA goals.


Roadmap to Zero Trust

Meet with the Zero Trust team at MindPoint Group to review all of the findings and help you align a roadmap to a Zero Trust Architecture for your organization.

Zero Trust Readiness Assessments that go deeper

Zero Trust experts

  • MindPoint Group has developed this Journey to a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) to serve to conduct a cybersecurity plan assessment focused on transforming an enterprises security posture to incorporate Zero Trust capabilities.
  • You can use the results of the assessment to create your comprehensive ZTA Cybersecurity plan, following our ZTA recommendations that detail the capabilities needed for an enterprise to achieve your ZTA goals.
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