Phishing and Social Engineering Defense Services

Human error is one of your system's biggest threats. Through training and awareness you can stop phishing attacks before they cause major issues. Phishing Simulations and mock attacks, from MPG, allow employees to learn more about cues they might have missed from incoming emails or messages, how to report attacks, how to tell if a communication is legitimate, and how to adapt their response moving forward.

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Phishing Simulation Services

What is Phishing and Social Engineering?

Phishing attacks rely on human error and involve the use of look-alike emails, text messages, or voice messages to trick a user into acting on a seemingly legitimate request. These attacks are designed to steal credentials, banking, or other sensitive information or to install malware or ransomware disguised as legitimate software.

Phishing simulations are one of your best defenses against cyber attackers. Through repeated mock attacks and instantaneous feedback, users are given the chance to become more alert to these types of threats within a safe environment. Reporting helps leadership gauge organizational risk and understand where to focus additional training.

Training and awareness are crucial to stopping phishing attacks because they allow employees to learn more about cues they might have missed, how to report attacks, how to tell if a communication is legitimate, and how to adapt their response moving forward. Because phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated, it is more important than ever to ensure that your employees are resilient. With proper training, they can learn to resist the instinctive urge to click and to recognize and report all suspicious activity.

Benefits of Phishing and Social Engineering Defense Services

People are your weakest link. Help make them stronger.

Organizational risk awareness

Our simulation services help you better understand your organization’s risk profile down to the individual user level. We provide additional training and testing for individuals who need extra help.


Peace of mind and cost avoidance

Breaches are expensive and you need to protect your most valuable assets. Our services help protect your systems, tools, data, and people from being exposed by encouraging a culture of cybersecurity.


Compliance and public assurance

No matter what your compliance requirements are, we help you meet them head on.

Phishing Simulations from MPG

  • Our phishing simulation and training teams work in conjunction with internal pen testing, compliance, and assessment teams to ensure effectiveness and compliance.
  • You provide us with emails, and using the PhishTACO platform, we will take it from there. Select from numerous different campaign types, frequency, and scope.
  • Every customer benefits from our phishing experience and training with some of the most secure organizations in the world.
Conducting Phishing Simulations


Completed phishing simulations in 2022

1 million

Targeted accounts and users


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What You Get


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Actionable knowledge

We’ll work with you to define the right goals and metrics and communicate to your key stakeholders before the simulation work actually begins. Through the simulations and testing, we equip your organization with the data and resources to take action on any findings and risks.
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Education and training

Phishing simulations are most effective when employees have access to training and education.  We help you with educational content creation and distribution to ensure your employees are up to date on the latest methods used by attackers. We also work with you to make sure new employees don’t inject new risk to your organization.
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Simulations and tooling

We use state-of-the-art tooling to ensure that your phishing simulation campaigns are the most relevant to actual attacks.

Resources from the Pen Test Team

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