What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management entails using tools to scan an IT environment for known software and hardware vulnerabilities. Using a database of Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits (CVEs), a vulnerability scanner will look for application and infrastructure components that are using versions of software with known exploits. The result is a documented list of assets that are potentially vulnerable to attack and exploit. The vulnerable asset list is then fed into a process designed to notify owners, update software, or take some other documented step in order to quantify the risk associated with the vulnerable system.
Vulnerability scanning is a component of vulnerability management, but just entails the scanning and initial reporting of vulnerable assets.
Vulnerability management is a crucial component of modern security architectures, as it's often perceived as the best first step in preventing an exploit and loss event.

Vulnerability Management benefits

Identify and remediate your vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Actionable knowledge is power

Our hackers leave no stone unturned in identifying your digital weaknesses so that they can be remediated.  Every finding is reported with full context, suggested resolution, and any workarounds or compensating controls possible. We will also provide leadership with the necessary risk-based information for guided decision making.


Proactive vulnerability management

Fix issues before they are even detected by integrating vulnerability management into your CI/CD process. If an application is deployed, you know it’s updated continuously.


Avoid the cost of a breach

The average cost of a cybersecurity breach in the US runs well above $8 million. A minimal investment in vulnerability management makes all the difference.

Make vulnerability identification routine

Vulnerability Management and scanning

  • MPG has deep experience building and automating broad vulnerability management programs across entire enterprises.
  • We have demonstrated experience with continuous and ad-hoc vulnerability management services.
  • We can use your existing tools, make recommendations for purchase, or bring our own vulnerability scanning capabilities to bear.
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What you get

Vulnerability Management services features

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Regulatory compliance

Routine scanning is a regulatory requirement for many industries and frameworks. From HIPAA, PCI, and FISMA, we'll advise you on scan frequency, depth, and how to effectively take action on results.
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Human smarts

While vulnerability scanners are a must-have, they still are not “human smart.” MPG ensures you have the right structure, processes, and teams to successfully operate your vulnerability scanning program. In addition to your operations, we’ll equip you with the knowledge needed to make sense of reports and read through the noise.
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Tool selection and implementation

Our experts will make sure that you’re not only using the right tools for your desired scope but also that your  tools are up-to-date on the latest CVEs and can effectively track and document findings to ensure that they are resolved or mitigated.
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Automated vulnerability management

MPG evaluates each identified anomalous activity further to determine the nature of the activity, whether there is malicious intent, and to determine the scope and impact of this activity. MPG provides feedback and support to the client by ensuring any hypotheses are integrated into future detection signatures.
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During the remediation process, our analysts can help your team automate many of the misconfiguration findings, so you can stay secure while safeguarding your team’s time and resources. We’ll also ensure that any findings that need a manual penetration test are documented and that the right teams are pulled in to mitigate these findings.
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Documentation and reporting

Every vulnerability management and scanning engagement includes detailed reporting about findings, mitigation strategies, and recommendations for improvement.

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