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What is a Red Team
and what is a Blue Team?

Red teaming is the act of creating and executing an offensive attack on a network, system, or IT environment in order to identify critical real-world defensive gaps that will eventually be exploited by a real-world attacker.

Blue teaming is like Red teaming, but is instead focused on defense measures, and how people, technology, and processes come together in active defense of IT information systems.

If Red teaming is your offense, blue team is your defense. Ideally, both teams work together to build a more comprehensive view of your security posture and real-world risk.

Red Teaming and Blue Teaming services benefits

We use active and passive pen testing tactics to find more vulnerabilities so you can fix them.

Expose unkown defense gaps

Sophisticated and well-planned red team engagements often identify vulnerabilities and gaps in technology and defenses that a standard penetration test or vulnerability scan often misses.


Prepare defense teams

A strong attack is the best way to prepare defense teams for the types of tactics real attackers will use. Blue team help train your personnel to avoid, deter, and respond to attacks.


Stop loss events

Well-prepared teams and heightened security posture reduce the likelihood and risk of loss events, and overall reduces risk to the organization.

Find and remediate security vulnerabilities

Your trusted
pen testing experts

  • Every Red/Blue team engagement benefits from our extensive experience building customer security infrastructure, process, and technology.
  • Our attack simulations use advanced real-world threat actor techniques we learn from real-world attacks in our customer environments.
  • As they say, the best offense is a good defense. We work with your defensive teams so that they learn and adjust defensive tactics based on real-world attacks of today and tomorrow.
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Penetration tests completed since 2015


Endpoints monitored in 2020 through our SOC customers


Targeted user accounts in phishing engagements
Red and blue teaming engagement features overview

Red and Blue Team features

Real-world tactics

Your attackers are tireless and relentless. They constantly evolve their tactics to elude defenses. We tap into those tactics in every one of our engagements.

Feedback loops

Cybersecurity processes need to be continuously improved based on current tactics.

Exhaustive reporting

Every red/blue teaming engagements comes with a full report detailing our findings and contains recommendations for improvement.

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