Cyber Threat Hunting Services

It's time to go on the offensive, and start hunting for undetected attackers in your system. Often times, you can't tell if your system has already been compromised. With MPG's Cyber Threat Hunting services, our experts will looking for signs of intruders and get them out of your systems quickly.

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Cyber Threat Hunting Services

What is a Cyber Threat Hunt?

Cyber threat hunting, or cyber hunting, actively searches for undetected attackers that are present in a network or environment.
Once they gain access to your environment, threat actors often work to disguise or obfuscate their presence in order to remain undetected so they can exfiltrate data, steal confidential material, or learn how to move laterally to other internal systems or environments.
These advanced persistent threats are difficult to identify and remove and doing so requires sophisticated detection capabilities.

Cyber Threat Hunting benefits

Improved threat detection is one phone call away.

Reduced dwell time

The longer an attacker is in your environment, the more damage they can do. The faster you identify the threat, the less the likely impact.


Improved threat detection

MPG consultants have the skills and knowledge necessary to identify advanced persistent threats in your environment.


Faster results, better ROI

Detecting advanced persistent threats in your network requires sophisticated detection tooling and skilled researchers.  

Cyber Threat Hunting Experts

  • Our researchers have deep experience with different tools, techniques, and tactics that advanced persistent threats use to obscure their activities.
  • We hold all five Highly-Adaptive Cybersecurity Services SINs including Cyber Hunt.
  • MPG corporate experience spans commercial and Federal environments large and small, and we’ve encountered all types of threats including those posed by advanced nation-states all the way to script kiddie.  
Cyber Threat Hunting Experts


Penetration tests completed since 2015


Vulnerability scans completed in 2022


Endpoints managed through our SOC solutions
Features Overview

Cyber Threat Hunting Features

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Planning and Scope

MPG works with customer personnel to review the engagement objectives and completes a pre-assessment questionnaire to determine the full scope of the cyber threat hunting assessment. We then develop a hunt hypothesis that is the foundation of our activities.
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Investigate and Diagnose

MPG evaluates each identified anomalous activity further to determine the nature of the activity, whether there is malicious intent, and to understand the activity’s scope and impact. MPG provides feedback and support to the client by ensuring any hypotheses are integrated into future detection signatures.
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Evaluation and Reporting

At the end of the cyber threat hunt, we provide a thorough analysis of the assessment results, generate the Final Assessment Report, and conduct briefings to key stakeholders. The report includes a root cause analysis to determine the most effective approach for remediation, and contains actionable feedback to address systemic issues.

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