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Answers with Ansible: Automation in the Age of COVID-19

In this blog post, we highlight the webinar "Answers with Ansible: Automation in the Age of Covid-19" that MindPoint Group hosted in partnership with DLT Solutions.  Even though the event is no longer live, please feel free to drop any questions into the form that you might have while watching the on-demand recording. Our automation experts are standing by!

About the Answers with Ansible Automation Webinar:

IT modernization is a top priority for nearly every federal agency. In order to scale with growing IT demands, many agencies are rapidly adopting cloud technologies across their entire enterprises. With the current pandemic and increase in digital dependency, agencies are facing unprecedented pressure to rapidly advance digital transformation efforts.

Automation helps public sector and commercial organizations face these pressures head-on with the ability to deploy new workloads quickly, efficiently, and while retaining compliance and security. In this webinar, we’ll hear from the security automation experts at MindPoint Group to learn how you can use Ansible to expedite your cloud migration journey in a secure way, while also staying compliant.

About the Speaker

Justin Nemmers is a Director at MindPoint Group, where he leads product, engineering, marketing, and sales teams. Prior to joining MPG, Justin held multiple leadership roles including General Manager of the Ansible business at Red Hat. His extensive experience in product, marketing, services, and sales help MPG deliver on its mission to be every customer’s trusted cybersecurity advisor. In his spare time, he enjoys advising startups, mountain biking, and cooking. Justin resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife and children where he attends every NC State home game, despite being a proud Hokie.

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Our automation experts are standing by!

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