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Security Automation Solutions

Reduce Alerts and Improve Response with Automation

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Enabling tools such as your SIEM, PAM, IDS, and firewall to "speak" to each other means information security officers are able to reduce the level of effort required to investigate any one alert.

Automated Response

Automating critical aspects of an incident response reduce the time to resolution, and reduce human error and oversight.


Change configurations environment-wide, ensure that systems are patched, and apply the latest baseline and security controls. Define how disparate tools can be pulled together to increase value.

Security Automation Experience by the Numbers


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Your Attackers are Heavily Automated

The scope and scale of automated attacks continues to grow at a much faster rate than corporate teams are able to adapt in order to keep up. The only way to get ahead in a cat-and-mouse game like this is to automate.

When much of the incident validation process is automated, information systems security officers have much more time to investigate, and spend less time manually reviewing incidents.

Common Tasks Can (and should) Be Automated.

A SIEM detects a potential attack. We can use automation to automatically increase the log level on a firewall, block the traffic from that IP, and log an incident.

Another example: malware is detected on an end user system. Automation blocks the network port, and then takes a snapshot of the VDI instance, deploying it into a private DMZ for safety. Finally, the deployed compromised instance is further inspected through the deployment of various analysis tools.

Once automated, these processes take minutes, not hours or days.
Automate common security tasks
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Why MindPoint Group?

Automation Experts

We were early users of Ansible, and have used in hundreds of engagements.

Process Pros

We've worked on all sides of policy and process. MPG will analyze your requirements and workflows so they can be automated.


We implement emerging and experimental attacks to test every defense.

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