Day in the Life at MindPoint Group

A Day in the life at MPG: Senior Automation Architect

We interviewed Geroge Nalen, a security automation expert with MindPoint Group. In this blog, you’ll learn about George’s background and how he helps MPG employees each day. 

Walk us through your background. How did you get started working in technology/security? 

Growing up, I always had an interest in technology. I was always tinkering with computers and found that I had a knack for it. Because of this love for computers, I ended up going to college to study Computer Information Systems. After college, I got a job with a company called Florical Systems, where I worked for many years and held many different roles, including Support Engineer, QA manager/lead tester, and Project Engineer. A few years ago, I heard about an opening on the MPG team that focused on Ansible and security automation. I knew I had to apply, and I have loved it ever since. 

Describe your current role, and walk us through the typical day. 

In my current role, I am focused on writing and maintaining the Lockdown Enterprise content and one of the leads on MPG’s product, Ansible Counselor. Typically my day starts with checking for any issues and planning the rest of the day around my support requests. I also typically meet up with my teammate in the UK, Bolly, to discuss any challenges we’re both having to see how we can help one another. Because of the nature of my role, there really is no typical day. Depending on the number of tickets and requests from customers, your day can really take a turn, and priorities are always shifting. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in a day? 

As I mentioned above, my day is constantly changing, and I am pivoting quite a bit. Forecasting my day-to-day is definitely my biggest challenge, but I also enjoy that my role is not redundant at all. I am always getting to learn something new and work to solve different challenges.  

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of my job is hands down the people that I get to work with. I know that might sound cheesy, but it really is legit. 

Why do you love cybersecurity? 

I love working in cybersecurity because it is so important to every aspect of our lives. There is always new stuff to learn and new challenges to solve. I don’t like being stagnant for long, so it is the perfect industry for me to work in.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, my wife and I do a lot of outdoorsy stuff like hiking, rock climbing, and overlanding. We used to live in Arizona and in Austin, Texas, so we were especially active during those times. I also have a passion for vintage motorcycles and can frequently be found riding my bike around Raleigh!

Last book you read and/or tv show you binged?

The last show I binged was Ted Lasso — it was amazing! I also recently watched Mythic Quest, but it was less of a binge since it was done on a weekly release. 

What is your favorite part of MindPoint Group? 

Again, I would have to say my favorite part is the people. Overall the culture within our team is fabulous and better than anywhere I’ve ever worked. 

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