Why MindPoint?


We Specialize in One Thing: Cybersecurity.

MindPoint Group was founded by a team of cybersecurity professionals with over 50 years of collective experience in IT security services, Federal government contracting, and business development. Our founders came together with a vision to create an IT security firm dedicated to innovation and excellence. By Integrating four unique, yet complementary backgrounds, their vision became a reality as MindPoint Group was formed.

Today, MindPoint Group is a trusted and ISO 9001-certified security consulting firm with over a decade of business, and an extensive list of customers. Our founders continue to stay true to their original vision and offer clients, partners, and employees innovation and excellence in all we do.

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Our mission is to become the trusted cybersecurity partner and advisor to each of our customers by consistently exceeding their expectations. We achieve this by empowering our employees to excel personally and professionally.

This is the key to everything that we do at MindPoint Group. We believe that our focus on employee education and growth is the way we ensure customer success and satisfaction.


To build the best cybersecurity solutions available anywhere. We achieve this by developing the best people, leveraging capable technology, and applying our vast knowledge in a systematic manner in order to continually improve the security posture of every customer organization we support.

Our Core Values

There are as many IT security firms as there are organizations in need of assistance. The big-name firms boast decades of experience and a global reach, but often lose focus on value to the customer. The smaller names promise specialized service while claiming to excel in dozens of focus areas.

We focus on only one thing: IT security, and we’ve built this entire company around core values that enable us to deliver the best services available.

MPG Headquarters just outside of Washington DC

Trust and mutual respect

We understand that a diverse workforce is crucial for any business, and that diversity means diversity in thoughts and beliefs. We respect these differences of perspective and recognize that they are a source for innovation and transformation, and therefore we treat one another with politeness and respect.


Even though this one is self-explanatory, it is one of the most important values for any company. Honesty is a two-way street at MindPoint Group. We expect our employees to be honest and transparent with our customers and with one another. In return, employees should expect transparency from leadership as well.


Everyone at MindPoint Group is accountable for their actions. This includes being accountable for your team, your customers, and your actions. 

Focus and direction

We’ve been focused on cybersecurity from the beginning. It’s this focus and determination that we bring into every customer engagement.


We love to see our employees thinking outside of the box and coming up with new ways to solve the cybersecurity challenges of today as well as tomorrow. Read below to see how we invest in our employees and why we think this investment is an important part of innovation.  


Collaboration, innovation, and true teamwork are the keys to success for multi-disciplined projects of all sizes. Unique services, areas of expertise, client familiarity, and/or specialized capabilities often make the difference when developing winning solutions and exceeding client expectations.

Our Partners
Ordering Guides

MindPoint Group ensures that federal agencies and partners have at their disposal, convenient and accessible mechanisms for procuring IT security services. To learn about our available contract vehicles, please see our Contract Vehicles.

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