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SOC Solutions

SOC, SOCaaS, and EDR/XDR that Catch More Incidents

SOC for Government

Endpoint Detection and Response

Your tools and your facility to our tools and our facility, and everything in between. From design to management to a full end-to-end service, we have the right SOC package to fit your organization, no matter how large or small, 24x7x365.


Our services teams power SOCs that manage operations for over 100,000 users.

TIC 3.0 and Zero-Trust

We are experts in Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) 3.0 and zero-trust security requirements. We ensure these security requirements are met and the proper monitoring is in place to effectively detect and respond to incidents.

Modern Architecture

More important than ever given the newly remote workforce, our SOC services enable customers to move off legacy centralized systems by implementing SaaS technology and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions.

Transformation Experience by the Numbers


Endpoints managed in 2022


Incidents analyzed in 2022


Users monitored

Rapidly Changing Threat Landscapes Challenge the Status Quo

The threat landscape for security is rapidly changing. With an increase in remote work, along with massive increases in distributed systems, edge computing, devices, applications and even shadow IT, it feels like your attack surface is only growing. Coupled with a threat landscape that is growing faster than ever, SOC teams are hard-pressed to play keep-up. MPG’s SOC optimization, management, and fully managed SOC services will put you ahead of the curve rather than behind it.

Resource Allocation Made Easy

Managing a full-time SOC with limited resources is a nearly impossible task. Finding the right security talent can prove to be challenging, and those resources are expensive. No matter the size of your requirement, large or small, MPG is here to help with the best resources available.

SOC Regulatory Requirements Met

Numerous regulations have SOC performance requirements. These requirements often include specific metrics and processes for EDR, incident response, and continuous monitoring that are required to achieve compliance. Our experts have seen and met them all. How can we help you?
Managed SOC cybersecurity
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Why MindPoint Group?

Expertise Across Disciplines

We specialize in cybersecurity across the board. We have the resources you need and the right strategist to help you know where to start.

SOCaaS Pioneers and Experts

Our work in the Federal space has helped pave the way for SOCaaS and has helped influence the way SOCs are managed across multiple agencies.

FedRAMP 3PAO and ISO 9001 Certified

We have proven our commitment to excellence through several key certifications. We know what it takes to help organizations looking to do business with the Federal Government.

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