Cybersecurity Fitness Health Check

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Cybersecurity Health Check

Understand Where Your Organization's Cybersecurity Stands, and Develop a Plan to Do Better

Develop a cybersecurity plan

Current State

Awareness of your current cybersecurity hygiene state is critical to designing an improvement plan. An MPG Gap Assessment identifies specific areas where your cyber hygiene is lacking, and could be improved upon.

Desired State

If you don't know where you need to go, how do you even get there? Every Cybersecurity Fitness Health Check involves understanding what your end game is. Only then can we craft a customized program to improve your cybersecurity fitness.

Prepare for Tomorrow

In general, assessments take a snapshot of where you are today. You could just use that to close your cybersecurity gaps, but what if you could plan for inevitable change that always occurs over time? Good cybersecurity hygiene dictates that your plan to achieve greatness itself is prepared to change as your ideal destination moves.

What Do You Need?

Understanding your requirements is a great way to ensure you actually need what you think you need. Seems obvious, but customers often say they need something like FedRAMP, only to learn far too long into their process that something less would have sufficed. MPG works with you to understand your actual business requirements, and then makes the best recommendation on how to move forward.

Cybersecurity Hygiene Experience by the Numbers


Formal assessments completed each year and growing


Routine number of critical audit findings after our engagements


Penetration tests deliveredd since 2015

From Where You Are to Where You Need to Be

Any firm can assess your current state and identify gaps in your cybersecurity posture. The real challenge is in defining the ideal and attainable end state, and then helping your organization get there through a custom pathway built just for your business and people.

Cleaning up your cybersecurity hygiene isn't easy, but working with the right agency can ensure you don't waste time, effort, and money by focusing on the wrong problems that don't support your cybersecurity goals.

Picking the Right Destination

We speak with customers all the time that believe they know what they need. From FISMA to FIPS 199 system classification to defining the boundary appropriately, not getting this decision correct will cost you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our expertise and familiarity with regulatory requirements, coupled with our awareness of how auditors work enable us to help you make the best implementation decisions for your organization.
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Why MindPoint Group?


Our vulnerability management teams often work in parallel with defensive teams, to the benefit of both.

Agile and Experienced

Our reports iOur focus on automation and cross-functional experience ensures we make decisions quickly that streamline processes and promote culture change.nclude details other lack, such as how to correct findings.

Emotionally Intelligent

Effective change requires the ability to work with all types of people and teams.

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