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Vulnerability Management Programs are Vital to Cybersecurity

Vulnerability Management for Government

Best Practices

Effective vulnerability management requires both passive and active efforts. Most providers only use automated tooling. We couple automation with hands-on insight.

Passive Activities

Routine automatic vulnerability scanning proves processes such as system patching are being completed. Then reporting and issue management ensure identified vulnerabilities are fixed before they cost you.

Active Activities

Intentional targeting of aspects of your environment through activities such as application and network penetration testing to identify unknown vulnerabilities that can be chained together to create exploits.


Vulnerability management automation requires significant knowledge of the applications and systems that are being scanned. MPG delivers.

Vulnerability Management Experience by the Numbers


Penetration tests delivered since 2015


Vulnerability scans completed in 2022


Year we started managing cloud vulnerabilities

What You Don’t Know Can and Will Hurt You

Hidden vulnerabilities in your applications and networks exist. And the more complex the application, the greater the risk. Good development hygiene needs to be validated because your attackers are already probing you. Near-constant attacks require constant security vigilance.

Security Breaches are Costly

Insecure applications and networks will cost you. The cost of breaches far outweighs the investment in external vulnerability management. Vulnerability scans alone are often not enough to prevent an application breach.

Regulations Require VAPT

Various regulations such as HIPAA, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, and NIST 800-53 require periodic vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to remain compliant. Often, independent external testers are required to prove compliance.
Vulnerability Management Solutions
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Why MindPoint Group?


Our vulnerability management teams often work in parallel with defensive teams, to the benefit of both.


Our reports include details other lack, such as how to correct findings.


We implement emerging and experimental attacks to test every defense.