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Dynamic Cybersecurity Operations to Manage Evolving Threats

Organizations face a continually evolving set of threats ranging from low-skilled script kiddies to advanced nation-states. Also, their business and mission essential functions are delivered through changing technologies and IT service delivery models at an ever-increasing rate. Digital transformation efforts have likely only exacerbated the gulf between your IT operations and cybersecurity teams.

To help prepare and defend your organization from these attacks, you’ve undoubtedly purchased and implemented a wide variety of tooling—everything from firewalls to Intrusion Detection Systems to Security Information and Event Management systems to ingest and evaluate threats and intel feeds. But ensuring these tools are properly integrated with one another and that your organizations’ process and procedures are ready to mount an effective defense requires significant time, skill, and resources to get right.

Security Operations

For over a decade, we have helped organizations of every size, complexity, and sophistication architect, implement, manage, and advance their cybersecurity defensive capabilities and operations—all to protect and support their missions and businesses. Today, our capabilities are a total of all of our experience, and we are ready to meet your teams where they are today to prepare for the threats of tomorrow, identifying attacks early in the lifecycle, limiting their impact.

Consulting Services

Cyber Hunting

All of the defensive measures in the world won’t matter if there’s already a threat actor inside your environment exfiltrating data. Cyber hunting is all about searching for the existence of a threat actor, kicking them out, and identifying their mode of access and what actions they took while accessing your environment. We then take our learnings from this activity and develop new automated detections to alert on the types of activities we discover.

Incident Response

Has your organization recently suffered from a cyber threat or breach? Time is not on your side! You quickly need to identify the scope and depth of the breach and immediately begin work to limit its impact. Our team of experienced incident responders are ready to help mitigate breaches and get your business and mission back to full operations.

Managed SOC

Numerous regulations have SOC performance requirements. These requirements often include specific metrics and processes for EDR, incident response, and continuous monitoring that are required to achieve compliance. Our experts have seen and met them all. How can we help you?

Managed Security Operations

Red Teaming

The only way to truly understand how prepared you are for an attack is to simulate one. Our Red Team (also called ethical hacking) services simulate a real cybersecurity attack from the perspective of the attacker. We attempt to penetrate your environment through a variety of mechanisms, testing and validating your organization’s defenses. We then prepare a report detailing our successes, findings, and security team performance.

SOC Optimization

As tools have proliferate and volume increased, it has become harder to accurately identify and triage security events, and take appropriate action. MindPoint Group will assess your SOC maturity, and identify and address gaps needed to improve SOC performance.

Identify and Mitigate your Risk

In one of us, you will find all of us. Our experience working with security operations teams in some of the world’s most highly targeted and risk-averse organizations has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience on which to draw, ensuring we’ll produce a positive outcome in your organization, too. Whether your organization needs us to implement and run your entire SOC, or you need help ensuring your existing policies, procedures, and tools are effective, MPG has the expertise you need—and the ability to deliver repeatedly.