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Spotlight on the MindPoint Group Volunteer Initiative Program

In 2012, the Partners of MindPoint Group (MPG) recognized that with prosperity comes the responsibility to give back to the society of which we are all a part. As such, that same year, the company launched its community outreach program called the Volunteer Initiative Program (ViP), with its debut event meeting and making sandwiches at the Ronald McDonald House in Washington, DC. The success of that event led to a variety of others that same year, outreach activities for such charities as the American Diabetes Association, the Howard County Food Bank, the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Today, MPG’s ViP Committee is comprised of fifteen (15) members: MPG employees who meet virtually every two weeks for an hour to vote on requested sponsorships and collectively administer charity-based company-wide activities. At each meeting, committee members review ongoing activities, brainstorm about upcoming action items, serve as sponsorship hosts, and primarily coordinate, direct company support, and/or determine by vote on donations to various charity organizations and programs.

Volunteer Initiative Program Spotlight: Healing Hands for Haiti

Matt Ray has worked as part of MPGSOC since 2021. He has been passionately involved with IT & cybersecurity for 20+ years, and another of his life’s passions is the nation of Haiti and helping the people there. Matt has been traveling to Haiti since he was 19 years old and speaks Haitian Creole fluently. He has worked with his chosen charity, the Healing Hands for Haiti Foundation (HHH), since 1999. He has traveled to Haiti as a translator a dozen times and has volunteered in various other positions.

Matt’s help translating and keeping spirits high while the medical team works ensures that people who are receiving aid have a better patient experience, which in turn ensures that more people feel comfortable coming to get help they need. HHH sends medical teams to Haiti and has started a school, clinic, and prosthetics lab there, where they provide services to the disabled in Haiti. They also have other initiatives with wheelchair donations and performing surgeries. Matt’s love of Haiti is evident, and his participation is just one way he’s found to help HHH achieve their goals.

The MPG Volunteer Initiative Program matches all donations to qualified charitable organizations. When Matt donates monthly to HHH and sends his receipts to ViP, MindPoint Group matches them and doubles the value of his donations to the cause.

Interested in reading more about Matt and Healing Hands for Haiti? Read it in his own words: Looking back at Haiti’s Earthquake, Ten Years Later.

Did You Know?

MindPoint Group matches all donations sent to a qualifying charity up to $200 per month. The ViP also takes up requests from MPG employees for non-profit or charity assistance funds to qualifying non-profit groups as needed.

We hope the stories of others who are passionate about volunteer service will inspire and encourage others to make a difference with charity and non-profit donations. Employer matching is a win-win: if an employee donates $100 monthly and MPG matches the donation, $1,200 yearly turns into $2,400—and when it comes to non-profits, every penny counts.

Interested in joining MindPoint Group and finding out more about the Volunteer Initiative Program? Browse our careers page to join our team and help us make the world a better, safer, more secure place.

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