Day in the Life at MindPoint Group

A Day in the life at MPG: SOC Program Manager

We interviewed Evan Palelei, a SOC Program Manager at MindPoint Group. In this blog, you’ll learn about Evan’s background, how he got started working in technology, and why he loves working at MPG. 

Walk us through your background. How did you get started working in technology/security? 

I started off in the US Naval Academy, so I went into the Marine Corp after school to give back my five years of service. During that time, I pursued Ground Intelligence, where I was able to hold some cool positions that covered the whole intelligence cycle. While working in these roles, I started to realize how everything we did ended up touching cybersecurity in some way. I could already see how those aspects were most important in the modern-day. After that realization, I started to pursue cybersecurity as a career. I did some research on what types of jobs were in demand in the field and pursued training and certifications like my PMP Certification to help me fill the gaps. I wanted to work for a company where I could contribute, make a big difference, and learn a whole lot. MPG was that place for me.  

Describe your current role. What is a typical day like for you?

My typical day as a program manager is busy bouncing around between various priorities and initiatives throughout the day. I spend a lot of time handling any issues or roadblocks that the customer or company has. A big part of this job is the customer service aspect, and you are always making sure that the people you work with are enabled in their day-to-day jobs as well. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in a day as a SOC Program Manager?

I’m sure a lot of cybersecurity professionals have this challenge of prioritization. Any issues typically tend to come in around the same time, and many of those things are urgent. I have found that it is important to manage your own expectations and stakeholder expectations ahead of time and prepare for these types of events by simply knowing that they will occur.

What is your favorite part of your job and managing the SOC program?

My favorite part of my job is helping the team leads with their day-to-day jobs. If they have an issue and I am able to help fix that issue, it is a really rewarding experience. 

Why do you love cybersecurity? 

I love cybersecurity because it is the biggest challenge of this part of the 21st century. The tech industry as a whole is generating all these systems, ideas, and integrations, but we really have no idea what all the second and third layer of impacts will be. It is really is imperative to the national and international community that we figure this out. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I love hanging out with my two daughters. Whether that is taking them to a local garden, going on trips, or visiting other family members, spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do!

What is the book you read and/or tv show you binged?

I am currently reading the book She Has Her Mother’s Laugh. It is a science/history about the potential of heredity and the development of that part of scientific study. I also love the book Thinking Fast and Slow, which I reference a lot and reread many times. I always feel that I get something new out of it.

What is your favorite part of MindPoint Group? 

My favorite part about MPG is that it is mission-oriented. Everyone at the company is focused on putting our customer’s needs first, and MPG prioritizes security over anything else. 

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