Day in the Life at MindPoint Group

A Day in the life at MPG: HR Driector

This month we’re interviewing Davida Gray, an HR Director at MindPoint Group. In this blog, you’ll learn about Davida’s background and how she helps MPG employees each day. 

Walk us through your background. How did you get started working in technology/security? 

I started working in HR as a part-time employee for a government contractor. I did not initially intend to go into HR, but the opportunity came up from a friend, and it sounded like fun. My first role as an HR admin gave me a great intro to what HR was all about, since I had never worked in the industry before. About six months after I was hired, someone resigned in a more senior role. I overheard my supervisor and another manager discussing the job. I thought about it and decided this was a career path I could see myself on and I decided to tell them I wanted the job and that I was going to apply. A pretty bold move from someone in an entry-level position, but it all worked out! From there, all of my other roles have been HR for tech-focused government contracting businesses. 

Describe your current role, and walk us through the typical day. 

My primary role as an HR Director is heavily focused on three main areas. My job is to ensure that we are compliant from an HR perspective, have well-trained managers and employees, and that we balance those with keeping the company a fun and attractive place to work. On a day-to-day basis, It is a great mixture of quick tasks and long-term strategic projects as well. I have to factor in time each day for unexpected requests and tasks that may pop up. 

What are the biggest challenges you face in a day? 

With the three main focus areas that I mentioned above, my biggest challenge is balancing those three to make sure that we place equal weight and importance on compliance, training, and attractiveness/retention as a company. Different programs can impact those outcomes, so keeping that balance is always top of mind for our team. 

What is your favorite part of your job? 

My favorite part is honestly getting to celebrate the successes of my fellow co-workers.   Whether they’ve gotten a promotion, are getting married, or having a baby, HR is often one of the first to know about these exciting milestones. It is really rewarding because you get to have insight into people’s lives outside of work and help them in some way. 

Why do you love cybersecurity? 

If I had to choose to learn a skill that I don't have, it would be technical cybersecurity skills! I love the cybersecurity industry because you get to be a part of the excitement even if you’re not directly working in a technical role. I love getting to learn more about the industry each day and support the people directly helping customers. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I like to spend as much time with my kids and my family as I can. That time is so short and precious to me! When I can squeeze in time with my own friends. I do that too :) 

Last book you read and/or tv show you binged?

The last book I read was A Promised Land by Barack Obama that reflects on his presidency. 

The last TV show I binged was The Handmaid’s Tale. I am catching up before the new season.

What is your favorite part of MindPoint Group? 

As I was going through the hiring process, I could sense the people were genuine. Since I have joined, I can confirm that every person has been so kind, authentic, appreciative, and helpful. Even though we don’t all reside in the same place, there is a great sense of camaraderie here. MPG’s culture is unlike any place I’ve ever worked, and I know I made the right call in joining.

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