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The Origin Story of MPG's Peregrine for CrowdStrike Falcon

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, innovation is often born out of necessity. Peregrine, MindPoint Group's newest product, is a shining example of this principle. Developed by analysts with the goal of enhancing the capabilities of CrowdStrike Falcon, Peregrine was conceived by MPG’s vigilant SOC team who recognized a need for a more efficient way to batch actions in CrowdStrike.

The story begins with Thomas Stearns, a MindPoint Group SOC analyst with a keen eye for operational optimization. While the SOC team was thinking through a pathway to faster remediation, Stearns considered the possibilities of automating repetitive tasks in CrowdStrike. "I looked over the APIs and what each of them could do, and I came up with the idea of putting a GUI behind the CrowdStrike RTR (real time response) console,” says Thomas. “It would help people that don't have much command line knowledge and that want to operate a little faster and increase the efficiency of the RTR capabilities."

After digging deep into CrowdStrike's API, exploring the possibilities of automating tasks, and investigating improving the user experience, the idea of a CrowdStrike plug-in was floated to MindPoint Group’s Research and Development team. Recognizing its potential to transform the way cybersecurity analysts interact with CrowdStrike, the team worked tirelessly to launch in time for CrowdStrike’s Fal.Con 2023. The result is Peregrine – a powerful tool that simplifies the complexity of CrowdStrike's RTR capabilities and empowers analysts to operate more effectively, ultimately bolstering the security posture of organizations worldwide.

Built for analysts, by analysts from the very beginning, Peregrine empowers your team to remediate issues faster and more efficiently than ever. Download Peregrine for free today.

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