Identify Your Organization's Risk

Identifying your organization's cybersecurity posture is key to mitigating your risk. Through assessments and review you are able to improve policies, oversight, implementation and response.

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Why do I need to assess my current cybersecurity posture?

In cybersecurity, identifying and quantifying risk is the critical component to every aspect of effective cybersecurity posture. Without understanding and defining your risk, your defenses will rely mainly on luck, and your business or organization is at grave risk of breach... if it hasn't already happened.
Although MPG assessment services scale to any customer at any size, we are prepared to make specific recommendations based on your needs and requirements.
We're prepared to help you improve your cybersecurity policy. Whether you need a reliable TPRM partner, help identifying the best cybersecurity framework for your organization, or standalone risk assessments based on your existing policy or framework, MPG is prepared to meet you where you are, and leave you more prepared than when you reached out.

How can we help you improve your cybersecurity?

Thorough Planning

Attackers are everywhere attempting to use ransomware, malware, data breaches, social engineering, and other methods to gain unauthorized access to your environment. You need a thorough and detailed plan to stop them in their tracks.

End-to-end testing

What good is a plan if it's just on paper? An untested plan is just a hope and dream. thorough testing of your defenses is the only way to ensure they'll work properly when you need them most.

Ongoing Execution

Operating a sophisticated cybersecurity defense strategy requires constant vigilance, intelligence, and a security operations center that meets new challenges with agility.
Service Offerings

Assess Your Cybersecurity Posture


Identify, document, and prove best-practices protection of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data and Federal Contract Information (FCI).

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Custom Framework and Policy

Select the best policy framework, and customize its requirements to fit your organization and risk profile.

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Cyber Hygiene Health Check

Assess where your organization's cyber security posture is today, and get a roadmap to a better cybersecurity future.

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FedRAMP and 3PAO

FedRAMP certification is required to sell cloud services to the US Federal and many state and local governments.

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Risk Assessments

Identify the information systems and resources that could be affected by a cybersecurity attack so they can be effectively protected.

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Third-Party Risk Management

The steps that your company makes to minimize the risk that occurs from use of external vendors.

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What's Included with MPG Services?


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We'll put together a proposal and quote that includes all the details you need.


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Since most of our engagements are scheduled as part of our proposal process, you'll know exactly when we'll get started.

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