Security Solutions for IT Operations Teams

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IT Operations Team Solutions

Help Your System Administrators Finally Get Along with Security Teams

Audit solutions for IT Ops teams

Compliance Made Easy

Complying to technical requirements like STIG and CIS can require a tremendous amount of time. Ansible Lockdown Enterprise automates this important task across your entire environment.

ATO Automation

Operations teams are well-versed in using automation to make their lives easier. So why are you still manually working through your Authority to Operate (ATO) and other compliance requirements? Enabling ATO automation reduces risk, reporting burdens, and costs less while ensuring more of your applications are covered.

Build a Culture of Security

Security is not just the work of one team — it’s everyone’s job. We bridge gaps between disparate teams, enabling dev, security, and ops to not just work together but to get along. The result is a stronger security posture.

Audit Superheroes

Our Gap Assessments find things that auditors don’t. If you have deficiencies, we’ll find them and help you design and implement the mitigation. We support you like you’re our only customer.

Automate First

Effective security is only possible through automation. By automating common tasks, we reduce the daily burden on your security and operations teams, helping them focus efforts on higher-value tasks, and improving your security posture. It’s also the first step to DevSecOps.

Shadow IT

Protecting your organization from the threat of shadow IT requires a long-term plan. We identify unapproved and unsecured systems and then work with your department stakeholders to create and execute a centralized security strategy.

Operations Experience by the Numbers


Major public cloud platforms we're experienced with: AWS, Azure, and GCP


Baselines we've automated with Ansible.


Year we started implementing and assessing cloud environments

Solve Today’s Problem and Plan for Tomorrow

Keeping up with growing operation demands is hard. Shifting requirements, changes to policy, multiple teams and stakeholders, and then the ever-changing technology landscape. We all know that tools alone can’t solve your security problems. Instead, you need to develop a security strategy that relies on DevSecOps while preparing to also solve the problems you’ll face three years from now.

Cloud is the New Normal

Technology typically outpaces security. Modernizing your infrastructure while being tasked with innovative new technologies can be a daunting task. We’ve even provided cloud guidance for government policies, so we truly understand the ins and outs of staying compliant and secure. We use our experience to help you with cloud-native implementation, audits, extensive cybersecurity program management, and operations capabilities, and work with automation, architecture, and engineering teams to implement robust solutions. We understand the pressure that you’re under to innovate, but your plan needs to make sense and be possible to implement.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Automation is crucial in IT operations environments. Chances are there’s even more you can do with it than you are today. MPG will help advance your automation projects across your on-premises and cloud systems, and fully integrate your processes with security requirements so you can spend more time focusing on the next line of business requirement.
Solving challenges for IT Ops teams

Why MindPoint Group?


We have industry-leading security-focused virtualization, automation, development, and systems administration capabilities.

Problem Solvers

We’ve been in your shoes. We understand that typically security just parachutes in with a list of things you must do yesterday. We’re not typical.


Effective change requires the ability to work with all types of people and teams.

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