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MindPoint Group is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for financial institutions. Our services include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, incident response, and threat intelligence, to help financial institutions identify and mitigate cyber risks. By partnering with MindPoint Group, your financial institution can enhance its security posture, comply with regulatory standards, and protect your customers’ data and assets.

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Cybersecurity banking solutions

Keeping Banks Compliant, and Safe from Cybersecurity Threats

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FSI Cybersecurity Experts

Our teams work in some of the most secure environments in the world. We bring that level of expertise to every Financial Services customer engagement. We employ the latest techniques, capabilities, and technology to ensure your data stays private and your systems are available.

Compliance Superheroes

Banking and Financial Services are some of the most heavily regulated and most often attacked institutions. Our teams of cybersecurity experts are well-versed in the ins and outs the rigorous financial services compliance requirements, including Third-Party Risk Management programs and even HIPAA compliance for those that handle healthcare billing.

Customers First

We consider your customers to be our customers too.  You need to be able to innovate and provide the best technology available to best serve those customers and protect their data from attackers.


As you continue your digital transformation efforts to meet your customers where they expect to do business, your cybersecurity tooling and processes need to transform to keep up. This requires a skilled team to help you succeed.

FSI Experience by the Numbers


Of our FSI customers have renewed


FSI risk assessments completed


Years experience working with banks and other regulated industries

Core Security Capabilities Solving Real Problems

Financial institutions work with a tremendous amount of sensitive information and require cybersecurity solutions and offerings to help protect it while ensuring constant availability.

We have worked with the Federal Government since our founding and truly understand the challenges that come with strict regulation and compliance requirements—something that financial services and banks are no stranger to.

Our cybersecurity program management and operations are unparalleled in capability, track record, and effectiveness.

Our Range of Customers Means We've Seen It All

We are involved at numerous levels with dozens of agencies and components providing a mix of complex, long-term engagements across every cybersecurity discipline, and deal with the most complex and challenging security frameworks around (such as FISMA).

Through this work, we have developed powerful insights and methods to help complex and transforming organizations meet stiff regulatory requirements on-time, and on-budget.
Cybersecurity compliance for financial industries
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Why MindPoint Group?

Significant Past Performance

We prove our capability through a long list of successful engagements.

Trusted Advisor

Our customers look to MPG as their trusted cybersecurity advisors.


In one of us, there is all of us. Our deep skillsets ensure broad access to some of the most seasoned and skilled cybersecurity professionals available.

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