Cybersecurity Transformation Solutions

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Cybersecurity Transformation Solutions

Modernize Your Cybersecurity Plans and Tools

Automation and Digital Transformation


Throwing more tools or people at a challenge will rarely solve it. Rather than do the same-old-thing again and again, we work to understand your business, and the core problem, so we can help you fix it for today, with the flexibility to grow tomorrow.

ATO Automation

Systems administrators and operations teams are well-versed in using automation to make their lives easier. So why are you still manually working through your Authority to Operate (ATO) and other compliance requirements? Enabling ATO automation reduces risk, reporting burdens, and costs less while ensuring more of your applications are covered.

Automate First

Effective security is only possible through Automation. By automating common security tasks such as STIG or CIS baselining and reporting, we reduce the daily burden on your security and operations teams, helping them focus efforts on higher-value tasks, and improving your security posture.

DevSecOps Made Possible

DevSecOps teams are working together than against one another. Achieving this agile approach to securely managing development, operations, and security can be challenging when many interactions between security and operations are adversarial. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Our teams are adept at uniting disparate groups through common goals, and shared responsibility.
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Transformation Experience by the Numbers


Reduction in time required to achieve an Authority to Operate


US Government customer’s FITARA letter grade improvement achieved because of transformation


Reduction in control responsibility through automation

Pressure to Innovate is Constant

The pressure for IT to innovate is greater than ever before. However, you can’t overhaul legacy systems and processes overnight and you can’t do so in a secure way. An effective long-term cybersecurity strategy is equally as important as the hands-on work that needs to be done to implement new systems and applications.

Our Innovation Expertise

Helping customers implement the latest in security technology and IT modernization is one of MPG areas of expertise.  Our teams draw from our extensive cybersecurity program management and operations capabilities, and work with automation, architecture, and engineering teams to implement robust solutions. We understand the pressure that you’re under to innovate, but your plan needs to make sense and possible to implement.

Our Range of Customers Means We've Seen It All

We’ve worked with security experts across all levels and across multiple industries with varying levels of need, resources, and compliance requirements. Through these experiences, we’re able to provide valuable insights into new trends in the industry and leverage that knowledge in your environments.
Security Innovation experts
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Why MindPoint Group?

Forward Thinking

Our vulnerability management teams often work in parallel with defensive teams, to the benefit of both.

Agile and Experienced

Our focus on automation and cross-functional experience ensures we make decisions quickly that streamline processes and promote culture change.nclude details other lack, such as how to correct findings.

Emotionally Intelligent

Effective change requires the ability to work with all types of people and teams.

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