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Find and Remediate Security Vulnerabilities

Are your business-critical customer applications secure? Without penetration testing, you can’t be sure and the risk is tremendous. Stolen customer information and trade secrets can impart liability and brand damage that lasts for years.

You need to really penetration test your application, not just run vulnerability scans. MPG’s skilled hackers use a combination of automated and manual trending techniques and tools to demonstrate ways in which your application is vulnerable to attack. We then deliver a detailed report your operations and development teams can use to remediate discovered vulnerabilities and develop additional protections. We can also be available to assist with debugging and remediation assistance.

The result is better business insights, highly secured applications, and, most importantly, safer customers.

Our Pen Testing Approach

Active Penetration Testing Benefits

External experience is invaluable when attempting to penetrate applications. MindPoint Group’s Penetration Testing goes beyond traditional assessments by demonstrating how exploiting and chaining together vulnerabilities can result in your organization being compromised. Emulating these potential attacks is the best way to find these vulnerabilities and keep your sensitive data out of the hands of attackers.

Actionable Knowledge is Power

Our hackers leave no stone unturned in identifying your digital weaknesses so that they can be remediated.  Every finding is reported with full context, suggested resolution, and any workarounds or compensating controls possible. We will also provide leadership with the necessary risk-based information for guided decision making.

Cost Savings and Avoidance

On average, the cost of a data breach in the US is $8.19 million. The money spent on penetration testing is money saved on incident response and potential damages.

Compliance and Public Assurance

Along with regulatory (PCI, FedRAMP, etc.) requirement compliance, our penetration testing services will improve your internal processes and overall security posture. The results? Secure customer data and protection of your brand.  

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MPG: Your Trusted Partner

MindPoint Group’s team of penetration testing experts has tested various applications with U.S. federal customers and commercial organizations, and we bring that wealth of knowledge and experience with us. Since 2015, our team has completed over 1850 penetration tests and published 30 related CVEs. Our team members possess numerous Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) certifications, including OSCPOSCEGWAPTGPENCICP, and CEH. On top of these certifications, our team members frequently pursue additional learning opportunities. Our penetration testers also often work very closely with our defensive teams, so both groups benefit in the long run.


Beyond the Basics

MPG will attempt to penetrate your application, not just run a vulnerability scan.  We’ll then present a full report detailing what needs to be fixed.

Automated and Manual Attacks

Automation is important to quickly cover many bases. We use that output to identify and craft highly targeted manual attacks.

Reports and Remediation

You’ll receive a detailed report containing tests performed, results, any vulnerabilities discovered, and remediation strategies. 

Penetration Testing Offerings

Small Medium Large Custom
Automated Testing
Manual Testing
Exploit Findings (up to) 10 15 20 Contact Us
Applications – Pages Up to 20 Up to 30 Up to 40 Contact Us
Network – Endpoints Up to 5k Up to 10k Up to 15k Contact Us
POAM Writeup Add-on Available Add-on Available Add-on Available Contact Us
Follow Ups Included 1 2 3 Contact Us
Duration (Inlcuding Reporting) 3 Weeks 3.5 Weeks 4 Weeks Contact Us

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