Baseline Modernization

Security baseline automation makes DevSecOps possible

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Security policies such as DISA’s Secure Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), or the Centers for Information Security’s (CIS) baseline are a critical component of an IT organization’s overall security posture. These security baselines are so important that many IT organizations are required by policy to certify that their systems are compliant with one of these standards.

While these baselines are critical, they don’t come without challenges. They can be complex, and often break applications when blindly applied.

As organizations digitally transform, they need a way to more closely involve security teams in the development, deployment, and management of IT systems and applications. Failure to embed security into the application and system life-cycles has the potential to increase the likelihood of policy violation, and breach.  

Security Baseline Automation

Whether you’ve implemented CI/CD, or are managing your deployments in more traditional manners, MindPoint Group’s solution leverages industry-leading Ansible Automation to streamline how you keep your systems and applications secure—from deployment through the entire lifecycle.

This engagement focuses on establishing pragmatic security processes and policies for:

  • System security.
  • Implementing management and monitoring tooling.
  • Collaborating on automation content for those policies and systems. 

MindPoint Group’s automation solution was created to offer a consultative approach to learning and knowledge transfer. This means that each day of the engagement is filled with knowledge transfer between MPG consultants and your staff. By learning effective DevSecOps practices on-the-job, your IT operations, development, and security teams will learn how to effectively collaborate together on security policy and action to protect your collective IT estates, and pass future audits with ease.

DevSecOps Realized

Infrastructure as code (IaC) and automation are key principles to DevOps. Together with security, they make DevSecOps possible. MindPoint Group will help unite your security automation practices across the entire organization and promote:

  • Developers to provision secure infrastructure stacks anywhere.
  • Operations to effortlessly enact security standards while remediating configuration drift.
  • Security to validate regulatory compliance and keep up with third party and organizational standards.

Automation for Continuous Compliance

Working with your teams, tools, and infrastructure, MindPoint will implement security baseline automation to repeatedly deploy your entire technology stack—secured with the controls you need. This provides easy validation against baseline policies, enables audit logging, and effective compliance status reporting. Summary: no more last-minute audit panics!

Security Baselines, Made Easy

Building the infrastructure and workflows needed to modernize security baselines is not the only requirement. You also need content to apply the security baselines themselves. MindPoint Group’s Lockdown Enterprise product offering is a supported Ansible content that automates security baselining on operating systems, applications, and infrastructure. A Lockdown Enterprise subscription from MindPoint Group helps you: 

  • Increase compliance: Spend time building compliance into your lifecycle management, not automating hundreds of controls
  • Save time: Save your team thousands of hours with automation content ready for integration into your processes and tools. How much are you spending to do this on your own?
  • Get the coverage and support you need: Over the lifespan of a platform offering, we’ll make updates and control additions to keep your systems secure.