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MindPoint Group is a leading provider of cybersecurity services for healthcare institutions. We have  experience in working with hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers, as well as medical device manufacturers, to help them secure their patient data and devices. We offer a range of services,including cybersecurity assessment, cybersecurity strategy development, cybersecurity training and awareness, and cybersecurity incident response, to help healthcare institutions prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. By working with MindPoint Group, healthcare institutions can ensure their patient safety, privacy, and trust.

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Healthcare and Privacy Experts Helping You Secure and Protect Patient Data

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Expert-Level Skills

Our teams work in some of the most secure environments in the world. We bring that level of expertise to every healthcare customer engagement. We employ the latest techniques, capabilities, and technology to ensure your data stays private, and your systems are available.

Compliance Superheroes

Our team of cybersecurity experts define policy as well as implement it. No team is more capable of navigating your HIPAA and HITRUST needs.

Patients First

You need to be able to innovate and provide the best technology available to best serve your patients and their needs. Our goal is to make that possible and keep your patient data secure in the process.

Defense Against Shadow IT

Protecting your organization from the threat of shadow IT requires a long-term plan. We identify unapproved and unsecured systems, and then work with your department stakeholders to create and execute a centralized security strategy.
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Cybersecurity Experience by the Numbers


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Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges are Unique

Healthcare organizations work with a tremendous amount of sensitive information and require cybersecurity solutions and offerings to help protect it while ensuring constant availability. Furthermore, they often rely on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software solutions that require specific skills and knowledge to secure.

We understand that your patients and securing their data are your top priorities, and we make them our priority too.

Our cybersecurity program management and operations are unparalleled in capability, track record, broad technology coverage, and effectiveness.

Our Broad Range of Customers Makes Us Smarter

We are involved at numerous levels with dozens of agencies and components providing a mix of complex, long-term engagements across every cybersecurity discipline.

Through our experience with various healthcare organizations, we’ve performed a broad range of assessments, including work on different EMR platforms and network pen testing.
Cybersecurity for your healthcare technology
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Why MindPoint Group?

Significant Past Performance

We prove our capability through a long list of successful engagements.

Trusted Advisors

Our customers look to MPG as their trusted cybersecurity advisors.

Advanced Security Skills

In one of us, there is all of us. Our deep skillsets ensure broad access to some of the most seasoned and skilled cybersecurity professionals available.

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