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DevSecOps Solutions

Unified Teams that Deliver More Secure Systems Through Best Practices

DevSecOps teams best practices

Policy and Compliance Experts

Our teams work at the highest levels to craft, define, and measure cybersecurity policies. We then work with people and teams to enact real change and ensure ongoing compliance.

Build a Culture of Security

Security is not just the work of one team — it’s everyone’s job. We bridge gaps between disparate teams, enabling dev, security, and ops to not just work together, but to get along. The result is a stronger security posture.

Secure Pipelines

DevSecOps can't happen without automation. Development and deployment pipelines are where automation really gets things done. MPG secure deployment and pipeline capabilities deliver applications while considering security controls and requirements, while also ensuring the internal supply chain is safe from attack.

Automation Experts

Automation can be easy. Capable, scalable, and supportable automation, however, requires nuance, skill, and knowledge of the systems, applications, and policies that are being automated. Our automation content is built and tested by experts, and our proven secure CI/CD pipelines can be implemented in any organization.

Engineering Experts

Cloud is the new normal. As organizations digitally transform, it’s paramount that cybersecurity practices change as well. Development, security, and operations teams need to work more closely together, communicating requirements in actionable ways while marching through a secure CI/CD process.

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Years we've pioneered DevSecOps


Controls automated with Ansible


ATO automation time savings

Jumpstart Automation

Automation’s role in DevSecOps cannot be overstated. Regardless of where your organization is on its automation and DevSecOps journey, our experts have the experience to help create a culture of automation, and bring your disparate teams together, working as one to deploy and maintain secure applications and environments on premises and in the cloud.

Often just getting a little direction on where to start with automation can totally change the trajectory of a project. Our experts have been there before, and we not only know where to help, we excel at promoting broad participation in automation across the entire organization, because the broader the participation, the better the outcome.

Fueling the CI/CD Machine

First and foremost, we’re cybersecurity people. When looking at your Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tooling, procedures, and pipelines, figuring out how to add in your security requirements can seem daunting. Tight security around CI/CD shouldn’t be confining your users. Instead, it should provide them the freedom to experiment, explore, and develop new functionality because security is engrained in the process. MPG can help you get there.

And once created, MPG offers penetration testing and GRC services to validate your application and environment’s security.
Jumpstart automation and devsecops
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Why MindPoint Group?

Problem Solvers

We've been in your shoes, and understand that an effective security strategy requires that it can actually be implemented.

Significant Past Performance

MPG has the capabilities of a large SI, with the service you’d expect from a boutique services business.

Emotional Intelligence

Effective change requires the ability to work with all types of people and teams.

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