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CISOs security Solutions

From security policy to configuration and everywhere in between.

CIO policy consulting

Policy and compliance experts

Our teams work at the highest levels to craft, define, and measure cybersecurity policies. We then work with people and teams to enact real change and ensure ongoing compliance.

Policy to action

Effectively implementing policy requires in-depth skills and understanding of underlying people, processes, and technology. Our experience with popular frameworks, coupled with strong technical capabilities closes security gaps.

Trusted advisors to your peers

A relationship with MPG is more. We go the extra mile. You can count on our team to work relentlessly to identify risk and close gaps I your cybersecurity posture. We get the job done, get it done well, and fight the good fight alongside you and your teams.

Build a culture of security

Security is not just the work of one team, it’s everyone’s job. We bridge gaps between disparate teams, enabling dev, security, and ops to not just work together, but to get along. The result is a stronger security posture.

Audit Superheroes

Our Gap Assessments find things that auditors don’t. If you have deficiencies, we’ll find them, and help you design and implement the mitigation. We support you like you’re our only customer.

Automate First

Effective security is only possible through Automation. By automating common tasks, we reduce the daily burden on your security and operations teams, helping them focus efforts on higher-value tasks, and improving your security posture. It’s also the first step to DevSecOps.
By the numbers

Government experience by the numbers


Increase in FISMA compliance scoring


Routine number of critical audit findings after our engagements


Years of cloud use in the government

Extensive CISO support capabilities.

What keeps you up at night keeps us up, too. Our teams draw from our extensive cybersecurity program management and operations capabilities, and work with automation, architecture, and engineering teams to implement recommendations.

We understand the pressure that you’re under to demonstrate business value, as well as ensuring the security of your applications and data.

Our range of customers means we've seen it all.

We’ve worked with CISOs and other executive leaders across multiple industries with varying levels of need, resources, and compliance requirements.

Through these experiences, we’re able to provide valuable insights into new trends in the industry and leverage that knowledge in your environments.
Extensive CISO support
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Why MindPoint Group?

Emotional intelligence

Effective change requires the ability to work with all types of people and teams.


We don’t stop until you’re secure, and unparalleled problem solving skills.


Cross-functional capabilities that streamline processes and promote culture change.
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