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Accelerate Automation. Reduce Risk.

Automation is a leading driver for digital transformation, and Ansible has become a go-to standard. The faster you adopt automation, the more significant difference you can make in your organization.

But there are numerous barriers to rapid Ansible adoption, including time, skill gaps, and Ansible experience. One way to speed this process is by engaging with a consulting firm, but that requires pre-determined projects and lengthy scoping. You can also add new team members, but highly skilled Ansible resources are expensive and hard to find.

Ansible Counselor is here to help. Whether you need some questions answered, or a custom Playbook to solve an automation challenge, we’ve got your back. Our Ansible experts speed your team’s Ansible adoption, help you conform to best practices, reduce risk, and help take the guess-work out of automation.

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Jumpstart your automation

Often, just knowing the best place to start solves the biggest problem. Even in cases where your team is already automating, we can be of assistance. With routine team meetings, we can help prioritize automation projects, and offer pointers to reliable Ansible content that will solve your need.

Chances are you have more to do than automate. For point needs, we’re here to help. For instance, do you need to automate local account management across an estate of systems? We’ve got an automation for that, and we’ll even support it as part of your Ansible Counselor subscription.

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Reduce automation risk

Automation is incredibly powerful, but if it’s not implemented correctly, it can expose your organization to immense risk. Ansible Counselor provides the best practices guidance and implementation assistance to ensure you’re creating, committing, testing, and deploying effective, secure automation.

Eliminate the skills gap

Good Ansible experts are hard to find. Your business’ digital and cybersecurity transformation goals won’t wait. Ansible Counselor helps plug the widening skills gap and helps get your teams up to speed.

Planning and strategy assistance

Every subscription includes scheduled planning and strategy sessions. Get definitive answers to pressing questions like “where should we start?” or “can we even automate that?” and even “what’s the best way to implement this?”

Augment overworked teams

We’ll answer your pressing automation and Ansible questions, saving your stressed IT and security staff potentially hundreds of hours, and thousands of worries. Ansible Counselor enables you to free-up valuable cycles to focus on important value-adds to IT environments and applications.


Integrate everything

One of the most valuable capabilities of Ansible is its ability to integrate with nearly every other enterprise technology you use to build and manage your infrastructure, applications, and processes. Your Counselor will help you effectively integrate Ansible Playbooks and Roles with other tools you use such as Tower, Terraform, ServiceNow, Kubernetes, Openshift, Cloudbees CI/Jenkins, and Refactr, just to name a few.

What’s included in a subscription

On-demand access to Ansible automation experts

Our support and engineering teams are ready to consult and advise on all your Ansible questions and needs. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, including on pre-planned monthly and quarterly team planning and business strategy meetings.

Custom supported automations built for your environment

We’ve probably seen that problem before, so we’re happy to share our knowledge. We will help by writing custom Playbooks to solve your point automation needs, and we’ll support anything we provide for the duration of your subscription. We’ll even provide feedback on your Playbooks and Roles.

Access to Lockdown Enterprise content

Do you use Ansible to manage security baselines like STIG or CIS? Access 100% of the baselines we support as part of your subscription.

About your counselors

Our team is made up of original Ansible leaders who helped define, build, and grow the business before and after Red Hat acquired Ansible. We’ve collectively sold, implemented, and supported thousands of customers that represent millions of automated systems. In short, we’ve nearly seen it all—and this is your opportunity to tap into that wealth of knowledge.

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We want to earn your business over and over again. Taking a page from the Ansible book, we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Direct contact to Ansible experts
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