Why Should My Company Consider Pen Testing?

With cybersecurity attacks becoming more common with each passing year, many companies are, understandably, taking their security more seriously. One of the most popular strategies to begin making improvements is penetration testing. Penetration tests are simulated attacks against your applications, network, and infrastructure that are designed to find previously unknown vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. These exploits can lead to loss of data, damage to your organization's reputation, regulatory and compliance issues, and financial losses.

Out of all the cybersecurity solutions available, why should you choose this one? Here are five reasons to consider a penetration test:    

  1. Uncovering vulnerabilities: Penetration testing can help identify weaknesses in a company’s IT infrastructure, such as outdated software, unsecured network ports, and misconfigured devices. By identifying these vulnerabilities, businesses can take proactive measures to address them and improve their overall security posture.
  2. Post-Incident Analysis: Conducting a penetration test as part of the incident response process after a breach can quickly get your team the information, they need to make the best decisions possible. Ethical hackers can help you identify the root cause of the breach, evaluate response effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Protecting your security reputation with your valued customers: The damage done to your company’s reputation can be one of the highest costs of a data breach. Sensitive data being compromised or exposed can not only result in a loss of trust among your customers, but also your business partners, employees, and more. Regularly testing your systems is a crucial step in demonstrating a commitment to security and keeping your brand intact.
  4. Maintaining regulatory compliance: If your business is required to comply with certain security regulations—such as FedRAMP, PCI, HIPAA, and others—penetration testing ensures that your configuration is meeting those standards. Not only will this expand opportunities for your business, but meeting these requirements can help your organization avoid costly legal or financial penalties.
  5. Evaluation of the current state to justify an increase in security: Penetration testing can help you expand beyond the hypothetical – what would a worst-case scenario actually look like? If your company is considering a Security Operations Center (SOC) or any other cybersecurity investment, the findings and recommendations from a penetration test can give you data on your system’s vulnerabilities and help you get the support you need.

If you’re curious about how penetration testing can help your business shore up its cybersecurity posture, connect with the experts at MindPoint Group to learn more.  

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