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Find vulnerabilities so they can be fixed

A vulnerability management program is a cornerstone of an effective cybersecurity posture. It’s also one of the best ways to be proactive in environment protection and defense from threats known and unknown.

Best-practices vulnerability management takes two approaches: passive activities, such as routine vulnerability scanning and issue management happen in the background and as part of other deployment and management processes. Active countermeasures require intentional action to target aspects of your environment, attempting to discover unknown vulnerabilities that can be chained together to create exploits.

Your attackers are already probing you. We can help make sure they don’t get in.

Active and Passive Vulnerability Management

MPG delivers industry-leading proactive and passive vulnerability management services. With our seasoned ethical hackers at your side, we’re prepared to help you select best-in-breed tooling, and will leave no stone unturned in our quest to identify your vulnerabilities so you can fix them.

Consulting Services

Vulnerability Scanning

We’ll help your teams identify strengths and weaknesses in your scanning tool selection and implementation. Our teams use best-practice methodologies to ensure your vulnerability scanning program is as effective as possible.

We also offer one-time and periodic vulnerability scanning using our tools.

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Penetration Testing

MPG has performed over 1,000 penetration tests on various applications, systems, networks, and physical environments. In the process of these tests, we’ve discovered hundreds of previously unknown vulnerabilities in both COTS and custom software offerings—many of which were actively exploitable.

We have dozens of discovered CVEs to our name, a long list of certifications, and a testing track record that includes class-leading technologies from industry leaders such as HPE and Red Hat.

Our testers will stand by your side the entire way by providing clear, actionable, and highly detailed reports you can use to fix our findings.

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Manual vs. Automated Vulnerability Management

Automation and vulnerability management go hand in hand. However, there is always a place for well-planned and targeted attacks designed to be more thorough than a traditional vulnerability scanner can. We have significant experience working in some of the world’s most secure environments, and we bring every bit of that experience to each engagement.

While automated vulnerability scans are a requirement to ensure systems and applications have the most updated patches, they lack the ability and nuance required to understand how multiple seemingly trivial findings could be chained together to produce a functional exploit. MPG’s combined automated approach and targeted manual activities result in a more secure and resilient environment.

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