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A Better Path to FedRAMP Authorization

What is FedRAMP?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides standardization to cloud security for Cloud Service Providers (CSP). FedRAMP certification is required to sell cloud services to the US Federal and many state and local governments. Of course, the process of attaining a FedRAMP ATO is neither fast nor simple. The investment in re-engineering a cloud service for required security compliance, coupled with the cost outlay for the official assessment, is a deterrent for many considering FedRAMP. 

Our service offerings are centered on your needs, application, your current cybersecurity posture, and provide you a roadmap to achieving a FedRAMP ATO.

Why MindPoint Group?

We’re not just auditors, we’re cloud security professionals who understand firsthand the challenges of bringing in new technologies to the Federal Government. Unlike a typical FedRAMP auditing firm, were able to set you up for long-term success. Because of our specialization in cybersecurity and our connections directly in the field, our experience and knowledge allow us to accelerate FedRAMP accreditation.

Our FedRAMP Offerings


FedRAMP Consulting and 3PAO Services

FedRAMP is a significant investment for most enterprises, so it’s imperative to maximize ROI wherever possible. MPG has crafted its offerings to fit any business’ needs to accommodate varying levels of cybersecurity maturity.

FedRAMP Consulting Services

Policy and Procedure Templates for FedRAMP

MPG’s Our Policy and Procedure templates for FedRAMP include proven content and instructions to make FedRAMP documentation generation simple. These templates are an ideal next step for those customers who have gotten a Critical Controls Analysis or Gap Assessment.

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Critical Controls Assessment

The MPG Critical Control Analysis gives customers a pass/fail report on FedRAMP’s most important overlay controls. If you don’t satisfy these controls completely, you won’t receive accreditation. Often, implementing these controls takes a significant lift, so this fast analysis is good for any organization that wants to determine the approximate cost in time and resources to achieve ATO.

Gap Assessment

A Gap Assessment is best for organizations that need an exhaustive review of all 365+ FedRAMP controls. Successful customers have often already gone through the Critical Controls Analysis or have done self-evaluation and need a comprehensive review of their cybersecurity posture. Gap Assessments include network & dataflow diagram reviews, numerous stakeholder interviews, detailed findings reporting, and remediation instructions that position an organization to perform corrective action and move forward with the accreditation process.

Advisory Services & Managed Continuous Monitoring

Our FedRAMP advisory services provide a more hands-on approach to FedRAMP accreditation. If FedRAMP is critical to your organization, but you don’t have the time, resource level, or preparedness, this is the consultative approach to take. Our advisory services include FedRAMP Consultation, Managed Continuous Monitoring (ConMon) services, and all assessment activities from the Critical Controls Analysis and Gap Assessment. As a part of our consultation, we also provide hands-on remediation services, documentation generation, and project management from MPG cybersecurity experts.

Advisory Counselor

If your organization has strong governance, risk, and compliance team and process, you may be able to complete the work required to gain FedRAMP authorization on your own. However, even the most skilled teams need to get questions answered, documents reviewed, and access expert advice to improve their ATO submission and improve preparation efficiency.

MPG Advisory Counselor provides you the needed backup to your in-house teams. With this offering, we can help guide your team’s planning and execution throughout your entire FedRAMP ATO process.

3PAO Assessment Services

As a certified Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), MPG can perform the initial FedRAMP and continuous monitoring assessments for your organization. An advantage of the MPG FedRAMP services is that you can scale into a 3PAO assessment by first participating in a Critical Controls Analysis and Gap Assessment. Take our findings, and correct the actions; then, MPG can finish the full assessment and submit to the Agency for ATO.

Many organizations are also surprised to learn about the FedRAMP requirement to prove ongoing FedRAMP compliance through a continuous monitoring program. MPG frequently delivers ongoing continuous monitoring services to customers that have used us as their initial 3PAO.

Advisory vs. 3PAO Asssessment

A challenge of attaining a FedRAMP ATO is understanding the terminology. One aspect of this challenge is the difference between an Advisory service vs. an Assessment service.

An advisory service is one in which your contractor works closely with your business and teams to help you prepare for a formal audit and assessment. Assessment services, whether they are a part of a Critical Controls Assessment, Gap Assessment, or a 3PAO Assessment, consist of analyzing, auditing, and then testing the selected controls and determining compliance to the appropriate controls.

FedRAMP ATO submission requires official 3PAO Assessment services. Assessments are formal documentation and testing procedures that follow a strict routine set out by the FedRAMP PMO to prove and validate your organization’s compliance with the requirements.

Note that your advisory firm must be different than the company you hire to do the formal assessment, and vice versa. This restriction exists to prevent conflicts of interest.

FedRAMP Assessment Services FedRAMP Advisory Services

A Pathway to Success

We have created this suite of offerings to enable you to mitigate business risk. Rather than provide an up-front quote for several hundred thousand dollars, we offer several related but discreet options. These choices allow you to create a practical pathway to moderate your investment and risk while customizing your FedRAMP solution to match your business’s needs and team capability. While there are many different routes to a FedRAMP ATO, there are several proven pathways we suggest.

Prepping for FedRAMP

Advisory services are focused on preparing you for a formal 3PAO assessment. These include:

MPG FedRAMP Advisory Pathways

Significant in-house cybersecurity maturity

  1. Critical Controls Assessment
  2. Policy and Procedure Templates
  3. Advisory Counselor

Limited in-house cybersecurity maturity

  1. Gap Assessment
  2. FedRAMP Managed Services
  3. FedRAMP Managed Continuous Monitoring Services

Additionally, we have pathways for formal 3PAO submissions.

Significant in-house cybersecurity maturity

  1. Gap Assessment
  2. FedRAMP Assessment
  3. FedRAMP Managed Continuous Monitoring Services
  1. FedRAMP Assessment
  2. FedRAMP Managed Continuous Monitoring Services

Limited in-house cybersecurity maturity

  1. Critical Controls Assessment
  2. Gap Assessment
  3. FedRAMP Assessment
  4. FedRAMP Managed Continuous Monitoring Services

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