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Navigate FedRAMP Compliance with Ease

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides a standardization to cloud security for Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Before the creation of FedRAMP in 2011, Federal Agencies were slow to adopt cloud technologies and got stuck on old, legacy environments. There was no way for agencies to ensure consistency across environments that upheld a certain standard of security, nor was there a way to ensure consistency across different agencies. FedRAMP was implemented to solve these problems.

For your business, gaining FedRAMP compliance provides several benefits. The first is security: the FedRAMP guidance exists to ensure your offering meets appropriate security requirements, protecting your users, their data, and, ultimately, your brand. Second, FedRAMP approval opens the US Federal Government market to your sales teams. Increasingly, many state, local and, educational institutions are also requiring FedRAMP authorization to make IT purchases.

Without proper guidance, the path to FedRAMP compliance is a nearly impossible journey. Your organization needs a trusted partner with an intimate understanding of the FedRAMP process, cybersecurity subject matter expertise, and in-depth knowledge of all things cloud.

FedRAMP Consulting and 3PAO Services

As a FedRAMP accredited Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO), MindPoint Group can help with all of your FedRAMP needs. We can help you navigate the complexities of FedRAMP and choose a path that makes the most sense for your organization’s business needs. With our sole focus on cybersecurity, our teams have a deep understanding of cloud security, penetration testing, and the FedRAMP Security Assessment Framework (SAF). Rather than just checking the boxes for compliance, MindPoint Group is committed to helping you navigate the FedRAMP process from start to finish to improve your overall security posture. MindPoint Group’s FedRAMP services are perfect for:

  • CSPs looking to win more contracts with the FedRAMP stamp of approval or to increase their existing level of FedRAMP certification. This also includes Government Agencies that are offering inter-agency capabilities.
  • Commercial organizations looking for vendors with the highest standards of cloud security and the experience to help get their products approved.

Consulting Services

FedRAMP Consulting

Need help getting FedRAMP certified but don’t know where to begin? We will work with your teams to help get your system prepared for a full FedRAMP assessment while keeping your overall business needs top-of-mind.

Gap Assessment

Let MPG take the stress out of your FedRAMP certification with a  Readiness Assessment. Once the CSP has gone through this assessment, MPG will issue a Readiness Assessment Report (RAR). Once the RAR is approved, your organization will be designated FedRAMP Ready.

3PAO Assessment

MindPoint Group is an accredited FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). With this accreditation, we can assess CSP’s cloud systems to ensure that they are meeting the requirements.

Continuous Monitoring Assessment

Once you are FedRAMP compliant, we will help you meet your annual ongoing security requirements with a Continuous Monitoring Assessment. Without Continuous Monitoring, your organization will be at a much higher risk for vulnerabilities and loose FedRAMP compliance. We can help ensure security and help your organization pass future audits with ease.

Pre-filled Templates for FedRAMP

Attaining a FedRAMP ATO is a complicated and involved process that requires hundreds of pages of documentation, testing, and evidence. MindPoint Group’s pre-filled templates for FedRAMP are engineered to fast-track your FedRAMP authorization process.

Our pre-filled templates provide customers with the easiest route to FedRAMP compliance. We’re offering a subscription to updated FedRAMP templates that give you teams the information they need to be successful in your compliance journey.

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