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Smart Security Engineering with End-to-End Automation

A strong security posture starts with your organization’s infrastructure. Each system, network, and application needs to be configured, deployed, and managed with security as a priority. Embedding security hardening practices into each layer of infrastructure and applications is crucial to avoiding 85% of the common vulnerabilities which lead to catastrophic breaches. However, embedding these practices without causing disruptions to the business is easier said than done.

An organizations’ security posture is made up of much more than just process. You’ve implemented multiple tools to detect and respond to various security events — but are you sure that your tooling is effective? More critical than detection, how does your tooling help you respond to an event? What more could you be doing?

Effective security engineering also includes a holistic approach to automation. Our preferred use of Ansible Automation enables our teams to revolutionize how security and IT operations support the security needs of their business. As threats to your data and infrastructure increase, automating security processes and tasks significantly reduces risk to the business, and empowers IT and security teams to spend time further transforming security processes and integrating them into DevSecOps tooling and processes.

Engineering & Automation

At MindPoint Group, our security experts are committed to developing and implementing effective, cost-efficient, and secure systems and applications. As proven DevSecOps experts, we enable you to create and deliver an optimum security program using your existing systems, tools, and infrastructures. When necessary, we help your team implement automation techniques needed to get the job done. MindPoint Group is committed to securing our customer’s data, all while keeping their unique business-value in mind.

Consulting Services

Baseline Modernization

IT Security Baselines are a key component of an organization’s overall security posture. Whether your organization or auditors require you to meet a specific baseline such as DISA’s STIG or a CIS baseline, or you have a higher-level requirement such as NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, HIPAA, or PCI (for example), automation is the only way to effectively integrate these requirements into your environment’s configuration, deployment, and management processes. Our baseline modernization services rely on employing significant automation into DevOps tooling, enabling a DevSecOps approach to how organizations manage security baselines compliance.

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Cybersecurity Architecture Review and Creation

How your security tools are integrated and implemented is critical to how they work. In an architecture review, our expert consultants will analyze your security infrastructure to assess potential gaps and provide feedback about how to close them. We’ll ensure that your organization’s security architecture has been engineered and implemented and is being run in the best manner to protect your business.

Security Automation

Using Ansible as our primary tool, our consultants evaluate your various security flows and processes to systematically build out automation infrastructure to support the end-to-end automation of security processes. For instance, taking action based on a SIEM event, automatically increasing logging on a firewall, or blocking traffic from an attack source. Our in-house Ansible and security experts are ready to evaluate and automate your security processes.

ATO Automation

In Government organizations, an Authority to Operate is a requirement to field systems and applications. The process of gaining this authority, however, requires a repetitive effort to gain and maintain that ATO every three years. Whether you’re struggling with this for new applications or your estate of existing applications, MPG can help you automate this process, reducing the time, effort, and money needed to achieve an ATO, and while simultaneously improving your organization’s security profile.

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