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Grinding Gabriela's Gears

Looking Towards Rev 5: New FedRAMP Baselines Are Here!

Gabriela Smith-Sherman, Director of GRC at MindPoint Group, shares the goals and expectations of Rev 5 baselines. Rev 5 is the new standard for FedRAMP.
FedRAMP updated penetration testing guidelines

FedRAMP Penetration Testing Guidelines

FedRAMP has rolled out updated guidelines for more robust penetration testing. Learn more from the experts at MindPoint Group.
SBOMs represented graphically as boxes in a larger cube. One is red, poisoning the others around it to pink. Various small illustrations of humans are diagnosing and assessing the box of malicious code.

What is an SBOM? Understanding a Software Bill of Materials

Overview of SBOMs/software bill of materials and their benefit to healthy global cybersecurity