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CMMC Model Structure 1.0 compared to CMMC Model Structure 2.0

CMMC 2.0: The Next Generation

For contractors looking to work with the Department of Defense(DoD), they announced CMMC 2.0, an updated, simplified program structure for getting approved to work with the DoD.
CMMC's Previous Levels of Assessment listed as Basic Cyber Hygiene, Intermediate Cyber Hygiene, Good Cyber Hygiene, Proactive, and Advanced/Progressive.

CMMC: Where it all started

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) continues to mature with new CMMC 2.0 standards in place today, but let’s look at the history of how CMMC started.
CMMC's Three Levels of Assessment listed as Foundational, Advanced, and Expert.

Preparing for a CMMC Assessment

When it comes to preparing for your CMMC Assessment, knowing these three areas of focus will help you save time, money and resources as you navigate the CMMC Assessment process.