Security Operations Center as a Service

Is it time for a SOCaaS Solution for your organization?

Invisible threats never take a day off – and neither does our support for your cybersecurity. Monitoring your systems is no longer optional. Cyber risk is everywhere, and that's why MindPoint Group Security Operations Center (MPGSOC) applies cybersecurity measures at every level of your organization to identify and prevent or defeat invisible threats before they can advance. MPGSOC is an affordable SOCaaS to bolster your cybersecurity program with 24/7 monitoring services starting at less than the cost of one Sr. Security Engineer* annually.

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Managed SOC

MPGSOC can help you scale your security operations.

MPGSOC is equipped with leading industry subject matter experts, engineering support, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated customer support to help keep you informed and to protect your most valuable assets, your networks!

The threat landscape for security is rapidly growing and changing. Employing and educating an internal security team to keep up with the challenges is becoming increasingly difficult and costly for organizations. Your organizations attack surface is only growing. Coupled with a threat landscape that is growing faster than ever, non-dedicated security teams are hard-pressed to keep-up.

A well-implemented and run Security Operations Center (SOC) run by dedicated cybersecurity specialist is paramount to your cybersecurity posture. With a dedicated security team whose role is to identify and resolve incidents, you strengthen your cyber defenses, and can detect and respond to all types of security incidents before they become systematic.

Why MPGSOC's  

  • We have world-class subject matter expertise within the cybersecurity industry.
  • MPG developed and continues to maintain SOCaaS offerings for agencies in the US federal government.
  • We deliver proven SOCaaS expertise, cybersecurity knowledge and certifications.
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When do you need MPGSOC?

You need

You have basic security controls deployed but have a limited IT team, budget, and are under pressure to do more with less because of:

  • Recent cyber threat or attack incidents
  • EO 14028, insurance, or other regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Customer or Partner expectations
  • Fear of a data breach, malware attacks, and ransomware

You need
affordable coverage

MPGSOC provide best in class Services:

  • 24x7x365 coverage
  • Predictable Costs based on your organizations needs
  • Appropriately Scaled Resources
  • Certified Cybersecurity Experts

You need
Better Service

MPGSOC features included:

  • Exceptional customer service
  • SIEM log collection and monitoring
  • Custom use cases
  • Best of breed EDR
  • Engineering support
  • Fair pricing options
  • FedRAMP-based services
Award-winning SOC capabilities from day one.

Critical Benefits

24x7x365 coverage icon

Continuous Coverage

MPGSOC operates at 24x7x365 coverage with top dedicated cybersecurity specialists, allowing you to know your systems are always being monitored.  

Compliance Check list icon


Executive Order 14028. Memorandum 21-31. ZeroTrust Architecture. IT security risks are a large concern, and meeting minimum compliance requirements is no longer an option. MPGSOC is up to date on the latest regulations and will help navigate your company to compliance.

Endpoint Security Icon

Endpoint Security

With Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MDR) included, your systems will be monitored protected from cyber treats. MPGSOC will help reduce your company’s risk, and control costs, as you operate in the cloud.

Data Protection Icon

Data Protection

MPGSOC uses powerful monitoring tools including MDR and Managed SIEM to keep your network safe and uncompromised. When MPGSOC detects a threat, our Detection Team works with your team to execute your bespoke incident response plan.

Global Network monitoring icon

Network Monitoring and Defense

Let us help stop threats to your network before they even take hold. MPGSOC will monitor your organization for threats and will help defend the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your critical systems and data.

Threat Detection Icon

Threat Detection

MPGSOC will help eliminate security blind spots, lower dwell time, and accelerate innovation, transformation, and growth within your organization. The faster you can detect threats the more you are able to limit impacts to your organization.


Incident Response Icon

Incident Response

In the event a breach is detected, effective processes, procedures, roles/responsibilities, and communication plans exist to manage the response effort and shorten the time to recovery.
SIEM Log Icon

SIEM-Based Log Collection

Your data can reside anywhere – and stay there. The system, application, and user logs are collected through our SIEM and analyzed for signs of an attack. Analysis by our SIEM allows detection across multiple systems.
Scaleable EDR Icon

Scalable Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

From design to management to a full end-to-end service, our managed EDR will help identify incidents and threats faster lowing dwell time and speeding up response times.
Skilled Teams Icon

Skilled Team

MPGSOC attracts, trains, and equips a skilled team whose mission is to protect you and improve your security. Our team is certified in multiple cybersecurity disciplines providing you knowledgeable coverage across many attack vectors.
Modern Architecture Icon

Modern architecture

More important than ever given the newly remote workforce, our SOCaaS Solution enables our customers to move off legacy centralized systems by implementing SaaS technology  solutions.
Customer Support Icon

Customer support

At MPGSOC, supporting you is our priority. In addition to our highly skilled team, MPGSOC assigns you a certified customer success manager dedicated to making your needs are being met. This level of one-on-one support makes all the difference in those critical cyber-threat moments where every second counts.
Customer Onboarding Icon

Quick Onboarding Process

MPGSOC can onboard a new client in less than a month. We can move as fast, as you are comfortable with. Our onboarding process gives us the opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. We have designed this process to cover everything MPGSOC will need to help protect, defend, analyze, and help your business maintain compliance.
Secure Shared Folders Icon

Dedicated Email and Shared Folders

With MPGSOC, your company will have access to our team through multiple communication methods. A shared secured data folder will be created in a secure location for sharing and your team will receive a dedicated email address that you can use to reach out to the team whenever you need to.
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Why invest in a SOC?

A SOC is a centralized security function employing people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to cybersecurity incidents. Simply put, a SOC is essential to protecting your organization from advanced, persistent threats.

Why hire MPGSOC?

MPGSOC takes a proactive approach using endpoint detection and security information and event management (SIEM) to prevent, detect, and respond to any potential cyberattacks. Whether you’re a global organization with thousands of endpoints or a small growing business that needs to invest in your future protection, MPGSOC will scale the right mix of managed solutions to suit your security requirements and business needs and do so at a fraction of the cost of in-house services.

MPGSOC Certifications:
When we say our team is highly skilled, we mean it!

Our team carries the following certifications:

Certified Customer Success Manager, Certified Scrum Master, PMP, CISA, CCSE, CCSA, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network +, Certified Ethical Hacker, Zero Trust Fundamentals, Cloud Security, CISSP, CTT+, CISM, AWS Certified Security Specialty, AWS Solution Architect Professional, CompTIA Linux+, and gaining more certifications by the day!

Why MindPoint Group?

SOCaaS that fits your business.

  • Our cross-discipline cybersecurity capabilities means we have the resources you need and the right strategist to help you know where to start and deliver a Managed SOCaaS solution that meets 100% of your requirements.
  • Our work in the Federal space has helped pave the way for SOCaaS and has helped influence the way SOCs are designed, implemented, and managed across multiple agencies.
  • We have proven our commitment to excellence through several key certifications. We know what it takes to help organizations looking to do business with the federal government.
  • Services that won't break the bank. Hiring  and maintaining highly skilled security staff to monitor your systems round the clock is expensive. With MPGSOC we hire, train and maintain round the clock security specialist to monitor your organization at a fraction of the cost to do in-house services. With programs starting at less than the cost of one full time security expert, you will have a team of experts monitoring and protecting your data from attacks round the clock.
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