Difference between IT and a SOC team

What’s the difference between an IT Department and a Security Operations Center?

With cybersecurity threats only becoming more common, your organization needs to take its cybersecurity posture seriously. For many, this could mean engaging with a Security Operations Center (SOC) in order to mitigate cyber threats in real time; arguably one of the biggest and most thorough cybersecurity investments an organization can make.  

Given this commitment, a common question that will inevitably arise is: "Isn't this something our IT Team could handle?". The shocking answer to this question is always no.  

While IT departments are critical in their own light, having a SOC in addition to IT services helps improve the overall cybersecurity health of your organization. Both departments are extremely important but serve drastically different roles.

IT Departments enable operations & basic security.

The IT department is responsible for managing and enabling an organization's technology, including computer systems, networks, and data centers. This can include tasks such as purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware and software, troubleshooting technical issues, and providing technical support to employees. The IT team needs support to make sure that those that are in your systems are supposed to be there and are doing right by your organization.

A SOC will further enhance your cybersecurity posture.  

On the other hand, a SOC is comprised of a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals that is responsible for monitoring and protecting the organization's information and systems from cyber threats. The SOC team uses a variety of tools and techniques to identify potential security threats and respond to them in a timely manner. This can include tasks such as monitoring network traffic and system logs for signs of malicious activity, conducting security audits, and responding to security incidents.  

In general, the main difference between an IT department and a SOC is the focus of their work. IT focuses on maintaining and managing technologies, while a SOC focuses on protecting the organization from cyber threats. Having both teams will only help your organization enhance your cyber security footprint and fully protect every aspect that is important to you.

Here at MPGSOC, MindPoint Group’s SOC as a Service, will collaborate as needed with your current IT department to offer 24x7x365 coverage using a skilled cybersecurity team. We have built and managed a SOCaaS for the Department of Justice and have comprehensive cyber expertise to help enhance your organizations overall security posture too.  

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