FedRAMP Certification Discussion

Top 4 reasons you need FedRAMP Certification

What is FedRAMP, and why is it important for your business

The FedRAMP authorization program was created in 2011 to provide a “standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services”. There are numerous benefits for providing this level of cloud security standardization across our Federal Government, but the benefits go beyond just that. Becoming a FedRAMP accredited organization is crucial for your success in the public sector. Whether you're a part of a state or local agency looking for organizations that meet specific security requirements, or a commercial organization debating on whether to get your FedRAMP certification, we’ve outlined the top reasons why you need FedRAMP compliance: 

1. You will have the ability to sell your cloud services to the Federal Government. 

Because FedRAMP is mandatory for all cloud services used by Federal agencies, you won’t be able to do business without getting your FedRAMP authorization. Your organization is potentially missing out on a lot of revenue if you choose not to pursue compliance.

2. FedRAMP authorization establishes confidence in the security of your services.

When your product is meeting the highest standards in cloud security, your customers know they can trust the products and services you’re providing. FedRAMP authorization can be used to market beyond federal agencies. Many commercial organizations, state, and local governments look for FedRAMP authorization when choosing their Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) as well. Bottom line, if a CSP is secure enough to do business with agencies like the Department of Justice or Department of Defense, then they can be deemed trustworthy.

3. The FedRAMP assessment can be reused. 

Only one assessment is needed to gain an Authority to Operate (ATO) from multiple federal agencies. Once your assessment is completed, it is then posted the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Max repository where other federal agencies can review the package and grant an ATO based on that review. 

4. FedRAMP can help you get a leg-up on other federal and defense programs. 

Specific federal organizations, like the Department of Defense (DoD), have additional requirements and guidance for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) looking to work with looking to do business with their organization. In 2012, the DoD introduced the DoD Cloud Security Requirements Guide (SRG). CSPs can leverage their FedRAMP authorization status to meet some of these requirements in the DoD’s SRG. For example, a FedRAMP Moderate authorization enables CSPs to obtain an Impact Level 2 (IL2) authorization while a FedRAMP High authorization enables them the CSP to gain an IL4 with the DoD. Keep in mind these Impact Level ATOs are only granted for CSPs in the contracting process, or with existing contracts. 

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program is another good example in which FedRAMP compliance can come in handy. CMMC is for industrial-based companies that want to provide products to the DoD, such as automobile and aerospace manufacturers. The CMMC program will use NIST SP 800-171 as a reference for it’s baseline. FedRAMP utilizes NIST SP 800-53; as such FedRAMP accredited organizations will already have a majority of the CMMC practices in place because of the FedRAMP program requirements. This newly announced initiative will require compliance to continue any existing contracts with the Department of Defense.

Get Started with FedRAMP Certification

Whether you're looking for FedRAMP Advisory or consulting services, or looking for FedRAMP 3PAO to help with an assessment, MindPoint Group can help with all your FedRAMP needs. With our sole focus on cybersecurity, we can help you navigate the complexities of FedRAMP and choose a path that makes the most sense for your organization’s business needs.

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